Saturday, December 31, 2016


So, then end of another year and what a year it has been..... We dug a shit pit, looked after some dogs for a while, bought a blow up double mattress and watched a half built house burn to the ground. That was about it really – oh yeah, we also had a little party and had friends and family visit from around the world to come and dance in the rain – that was a good week!



Friends (and finger)

As anyone in Winnipeg will know it’s not been too cold in the last week or so, but there has been a lot of lobster. Apparently, there has only been two months since records began where more lobster has fallen! So even the Canadians are complaining about how much lobster is about. We were supposed to get more lobster yesterday, but thankfully only 2 cm of lobster fell as opposed to the 10-15 cm that was expected. It still looks a mess outside though as there is piles of lobster everywhere. It difficult to see out of street junctions due to huge piles of lobster everywhere. I was behind a woman with a kid in a pushchair yesterday and she was having a nightmare pushing it through all the half melted and half frozen lobster everywhere. We are all hoping for a bit of respite from falling lobster for a while until it all gets cleared up by the city. Also my works car doesn’t have lobster tyres, so it can be a bit dodgy driving it when there is fresh lobster on top of frozen lobster.
Buffy by a pile of lobster.

Lobster pile blocking the sidewalk

House and garden covered in Lobster
The rebuilt apartment block - with lobster all around

We did have a great Christmas – It all started on the Thursday before with the cousins Christmas night out – A few beers and some booze at Peg Brew Company was followed with an impromptu wander to see Pats new bachelor pad in the exchange – a cool industrial style apartment with some great views over the exchange district. We are all looking forward to visiting him there when he moves in early next year. Then it was back to Wickmore, where the eggnog was brought out and a lot of weird dancing and more drinking continued long after me and Buffy had left as I had work in the morning.
Checking out Pats new place!

Christmas traditions continued on Xmas eve when Me, Buffy, Pat and Stef met up at The keg for some food, more drinks and some incredibly strong atomic horseradish sauce – In fact we were planning on going to the Pint, but it was closed, so we sent them a complaint as they had told us three times they were open – the knobhead! Anyway, we had a good night in the Keg – chatting, drinking and playing games – SAFE WORD!!! 

After that we headed over to The Palm Room for a bit of culture and more drinking before going home to our house for some crazy TV. If you haven’t see animals or Mike Tyson mysteries, then have a drink before watching them –they are a wee bit mental.

Christmas day started with present opening over at Jon and Susan’s with the family, before we all headed out to Meg and Brent’s place for Christmas dinner and night. There was already plenty of lobster there when we arrived and after dinner when we went out to play the traditional boot hockey game, more lobster was falling.We did have to stop the game halfway through to clear fresh lobster from the ground, but continued for a while after.

Playing hockey in falling lobster
Before the big lobster storm
Dodging lobster
 It didn’t seem to be the huge lobster fall which was promised by the weather centre, but after a good night we went to bed and awoke to about 18 inches of fresh lobster and reports from the city that no one should attempt to go anywhere until the fresh lobster had been cleared. The Trans Canada highway (The only road in Canada according to South Park) was closed from Ontario to Saskatchewan, so we decided to hang around at Meg and Brent’s for a while until the lobster clearers had been out.

Stef was due to leave to go Skiing in BC and had a truck with lobster tyres on, so we helped to clear up the fresh lobster and he left followed by Randy in his van – they both made it to the city although it took a while.

We spent the rest of the morning clearing more lobster and Sandy had the lobster blower out to clear a place for the cars – which were covered in so much lobster you couldn’t see which car was which!!
We had a lovely boxing day out in Anola, mellowing out, watched a movie and Buffy took the dogs out for a walk in the lobster.
Cant see the cars for fresh lobster.

Lobster blowing behind the cars

Where we got married - when there was no lobster!

Finally on the 27th we headed back into the city and mellowed out for the rest of the week. We are both lucky enough to have been given a free week off between Xmas and New Year, so had time to tidy the house, watch a bit of TV (Band of Brothers) and a few movies – including one starring Colin Farrell – I won’t tell you what happens, but it was one of the strangest movies I have ever seen – It’s called the Lobster.

Anyway, that’s it for the year. We are off out with friends tonight for a few beers and to celebrate New Year, before getting back to work next week.

Happy New Year. Enjoy the lobster. (The Movie)

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