Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It'll never fit inthere!

Velcro - Its the greatest single invention the world has ever seen!
It was invented by some bloke as he walked through a forest one day and saw how the hairy little burrs that occur naturally in nature (This IS where natural things normally occur) stuck to his clothing.
He threw off all his clothes and rolled around in the dirt like a dog with worms, but nothing stuck to his skin - only where he had curly hair. He then threw back on his clothes (after a telling off by a passing catholic family) and ran back to his volkswagen beetle, which was parked just by a nice pub.

He ran into the pub just as the barman was changing a barrel, so had to wait to buy a pint and toast his amazing discovery. Unfortunately for him, a young scallywag called stole his car while all this was happening - but he didnt care. He finished his beer and made his way, on foot to the nearest town, where after buying some cloth and thin plastic twine, he spent the next 3 months hand sewing it all together to make the first ever man-made velcro. At first he called it 'sticky burr hurty cloth', but when this didnt catch on he changed the name to velvet hook. But then some French dude copied his idea and renamed it Velcro. It has since been used for everything from sticking to itself and sticking things to itself as well as sticking itself to some things.

I have however found a novel and I believe amazing way to use the sticky stuff. I use it to stop myself slipping over when I go for a run in the snow and ice that surround us this time of year here in Winnipeg. You may wonder how and why and I promise I will tell you - but not until the end of this post. Please read on (unless you are just curious and I dont mean like that, in which case ignore my ramblings and just skip to the end to find out the finale of the velcro story....

For now though we should talk about 2017 as a year so far and how the slight number change from a 6 to a 7 at the end of the description of this moment in history has brought about huge changes in the entire mantle of life on earth......It hasnt, Im waffling - lets chat about lego instead.

Yep I'm still working on the mini lego car. We have been busy these last few weeks, so I havent been able to do as much as I hoped, but I now have the engine and steering wheel as well as the seats and boot fitted. Maybe I should do a bit more before posting this....we shall see.
Engine in!

and the steering wheel and gearstick

We have also decided on a bit of work in the bedroom. (Fnaar fnaar) We love our little house and even though it keeps kicking us in the bollocks we have decided to upgrade it a little upstairs. In our bedroom, we have a built in cupboard which is basically a small hole in the wall with a door on it. We are planning on knocking down half of this wall, stealing a bit of space from the cupboard in the spare room and then fitting a brand new wardrobe with sliding soft close drawers a couple of new clothes rails and room for all of our shit! We are just past stage 1 of this project - we have the new wardrobe built and are using it now - the next stage is to get the wall knocked down and fit the wardrobes inside. The plan is to do all that in the next few weeks. But for now it all looks like this....

The old hole

This is all going inside the hole (It'll never fit!

After the last blog the weather here has changed a lot! As you know we had a huge load of snow around Xmas and new year and for a week or two after that it was reasonably chilly - down to minus 40 odd degrees celsius with the wind blowing from the north -not very pleasant to be honest. We had more snow and then it all changed. In the last few days we have had record temperatures and it has in fact been over 0 degrees for about 60 hours straight over the last weekend. So warm in fact that the famous skating path along the river in town had to be closed as it was a few inches deep in slush and water on top of the ice! It has been nice to be warmer, the roads are generally clear now driving is much more pleasant. We are expecting more snow and more chilly weather soon though. Only a couple more months of winter to go!! We had one especially shit day though when we had a proper blizzard...heres a video which gives you an with sound on!

  Anyway, thats it for now - Coming sooon though yet another post 0 sorry I dont have time to do them so often anymore, since Im working again - But the next post will be about Yoghurt!!

Heres why I love velcro....

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