Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Stay on Target, Stay on Target - Waterpark drunk baby!

Winnipeg is in crisis....
*Not really, but if that got your attention it worked!


A few years ago in a little country not very far away, lots of business persons did some business and decided to open a HUGE American style store in little old Winnipeg on the site of the old Bomber stadium. This was 'Targets' foray into the Canadian consumer shopping market. You see, the silly Canadians are suckers for a bargain and were always travelling down to the Un-United States of Uh-merry-Ca in order to buy their slippers, yoga balls and Cow flavoured Onesies from Target stores in Not so Grand - Grand FORKS, Big-Minneapolis and Very Far- Fargo, so teh gredy bugars from Target thought - why not save everyone time and money and open stores right here in quaint little ol Canada.

The old Stadium

So they did.

And then they closed them again.

Target - Closed!
Because these business persons weren't very good at Businessing and the stores didn't have anything to sell most of the time, because they didn't arrange any rea kind of transport. Then, when they did have clag to sell, the prices were so much higher that if the Coffee and Moose lovers had driven south to the USofArse. So nobody went to the super huge stores they built and eventually, Dorothy made her way back to Kansas with her taret bag, leaving Scarecrow, Lion and the Canadian Wizard with a huge empty building that had nothing to go in it. Even the bears decided it was too big to sit in and eat their porridge, so it stayed empty. Oh dear.

But now its been turned around into a Winner. Literally....

Winners is the name of the store (along with home sense) that now occupies the old Target store skeleton. Now don't get me wrong - Its great that the store is open and being used for shopping again. But I do wish something more exciting had been opened there.

I had a look around the store the other day and although it looks nice and although it was busy, it just didn't feel like a high end store that I would like to shop in too often...

It looks like this
Its very well situated and has parking (woop woop, blow them streamers!) but it feels like, a cheap version of Target and an expensive version of Dollarama!

This is what I found when I took a look around...

Excitement in every aisle

Excitement in every....oh wait...nope.... belts

Excitement in every....oh wait...nope..casual pants
Excitement in every aisle. The casual pants were not really exciting. I nearly made a spelling error and typed Casual Ants. Now that would be a lot more interesting - A few ants sat around, chilling drinking coffee, enjoying the sounds of light jazz.

Don't get me wrong. I am glad the store is open, but I just wish someone, somewhere would finally do what everyone really wants here in Winnipeg. A huge, big indoor water park, where we can go every weekend to get away from the drudgery of minus 40 in Winter....

Imagine if they turned this

Into this....

Come on Winnipeg!! If Edmonton can do it, so can we!!!

In other random Internet stuff - I just came across this awesome post on Facebook.... This is genuine...

Anyone know do they have laptop computers at best buy and how much they are

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Mike G Brown Insane that you have to tell people this.



David Harms No not a single computer at Best Buy.


Grace Fehr-Hart Anywhere from $300 to $1000


Terry Edmunds No I agree with David no laptops


Fernando E Carranza Best Buy burned down in the middle of the war 3 years ago. The only things left now are toasters and quite possibly a box of Pop Tarts a passed employee left behind. Good luck with your quest.


HT Truong Nah man, they only sell typewriters.


Will Green Pop tarts!? Are these still available? Do you have more photos?


Fernando E Carranza It’s a scarce commodity nowadays, the rebels have confiscated all of our stashed pop tarts, including the double chocolate s’mores.


Jamison Harrison Try Atlas pawn they always have lots of laptops and such

I wonder how the original poster actually managed to get onto the internet to make the post? I feel a little sorry for him!

Incidentally LMGTFY is now my new go to website....Try

In other less exciting news...

We have been doing a bit more work around the house. We borrowed a dremel from Susan and Jon a week ago in order to cut vinyl flooring, which we decided we would lay in our tiny bathroom. It was a bit if a fiddle getting the vinyl around the toilet, so after perusing the Internet I came across method, which consists of drawing an outline around the pedestals and then transferring this to the vinyl plank, which was then cut into shape using the dremel....


Plus this fine piece of artwork
equals this!!!!
So, heres the bit you have all been waiting for....
Hannah Rose Davey and her amazing drunken dancing.....

So, the little human shaped finger muncher has been growing again. We are onto another set of clothes and have also been out trying on the next thing we need - a decent carrier, as she is beginning to get a little too big for the wrap and as its getting cold we want to be able to wrap her up nicely... So last weekend we found ourselves running around West Coast Kids with a very happy Hannah enjoying her new ride...

The carriers were very comfortable and with big padded hip straps as well as huge padded shoulder straps, we think we found the one we want.

After the shop we spent a nice afternoon with Aunty Hayley at her new apartment in the exchange followed by dinner and a couple of drinks at The Yellow Dog. Hannah is now quite used to being in pubs and restaurants and even got up for a table dance, although she was very drunk....

She is growing up fast and we are loving having her around... although at this very moment we are sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for her to fall asleep!

Here are the latest photos of super baby....

So what's next on the agenda?
Well, I am up at 5.45 tomorrow morning to grab a flight and then a boat to go up to First Nation Reserve that has no roads apart from when the lakes freeze and the ice road truckers visit (Actually Genuine)  Its going to be a little bit of an adventure, so I will let you know what happens in the next post. Buff and Ha Na Na will be continuing their own little adventure in Winnipeg  learning to crawl, eat their own fingers and maybe sleep through the night (At least Buffy will be learning these!)