Saturday, February 24, 2018


Winnipeg - Saturday 24th Feb 2018.
Here is some stuff we noticed, saw, or did in the last few days. There's nothing groundbreaking - just some stuff!

Passive Aggressive
Back here in the real world, I have a job. As you may know, the job is to go into companies and offices and install phone systems that confuse and frustrate the customers. Haha, no really, the phone systems improve their overall efficiency, save them money and leave the customer feeling like a fresh summer breeze has blown through their workplace and left the sweet smell of springtime!

Sometimes, I end up clambering though a roof void or under a building, but for the most part I might just get a bit dusty and dirty. There is always something interesting to see though - Whether seeing huge rolls of steel being pressed in a steelworks or thousands of tiny turkeys being hatched in a hatchery, I get about to all sorts of places. Often though, you can get strange passive aggressive signs posted by management that just make me laugh. All these were found in a tiny little bathroom in a location that shall remain unknown!

Didn't want to leave their own name...

Haahaa unless your hands are broken.. (in which case you would not be using!)


In case you missed the first sign!

Modern smoking technology.
While we were flying home last week I sat and I wondered at the magic of modern technology.In particular, I wondered that if every seat on the plane can be adjusted to use our own phones or tablets to watch stuff or play games we need these things and indeed they are there..

A socket that fits most worldwide plugs and USB as well! Genius,
But years after it was last allowed and in modern times when hardly anyone smokes anymore, why is there still a sign like this on the plane?

No smoking 1995!
Old Dutch people.
Sometimes, me and Buff sit in the basement, We put on the heating, pull up the comfy cushions, grab a drink and watch a movie, sharing a big bag of old dutch. 
No, not this kind of old dutch bag..

Probably a really nice lady!
But this kind of old dutch bag....

Lovely crunchy crisps (potato chips) and my favourite over here, because you cant get Prawn Cocktail flavour!

Hopefully, in a number of years we will be able to share these good times with the kid as we scare the shit out of them whilst watching Aliens or The Blair Witch Project. However, I discovered this week, that when sending someone out to get something to share whilst watching a movie, if you tell them to get old dutch you need to be careful. Because on the very next aisle in superstore you can get this...
Yep, tasty refreshing bleach! The kids will love it!
Lastly on normal news this week - we went to the theatre, which we do many times a year - to see 'Once'. The show about the Dublin musician/hoover repair man which was made into a movie.
Anyway, the show was good, but at the interval they let you on stage to get a beer from the bar at which most of the story take place in front of. So here we are - on stage enjoying a drink! Its not every week you get on stage is it!!

She held my beer

Baby alert.
I am introducing a baby alert - This is designed for everyone who doesn't give a Tommy two shits for news about the upcoming baby, how much it weighs, whats its eaten, whats come out of the other end, what we bought for it or what funny faces it made whilst watching Deathwish 4. Genuinely, until I did the business and got Buffy in the family way(Fist bumps myself) , I also couldn't give a flying fork (moderated my language there) about anyone elses baby news. So I understand you probably don't care about our baby news - we ain't even got one yet but its coming real soon, so feel free to ignore all this baby stuff and do something far more interesting. Its what I would do.


Here we go then. For all of you that missed or ignored the alert thanks for staying. For other people who are just curious - I hope you like it!

This week me and Bufffffffty Mcmmmutoobee had a visit to the Hospital for an ultrasound and check up on the parasite. We don't have any news on the outcome yet as we will get it all from the Doctor when we go back later this week. One of the cool things anyone who has been here has seen, is the ultrasound. We didnt have any pictures of our one, but are hoping to get some this week too, but at one point it looked like a fish -  We were looking at the ribs and it looked like a cod or haddock from the chippy!

Here's one I found online...Not our baby

Do you see what I mean? FISH
Anyway , I then looked to see what other weird shit people see in Ultrasounds and there IS A HUGE PILE OF WEIRD SHIT THAT HAPPENS IN ULTRASOUNDS!

I will say no more - Some of these photos are obviously fake, but some are genuine and I would love to see our thing do some of this kind of stuff!!

  Seeya x

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sunless sunrise some sunny car fun and a sunny sunset.

This is not one of my best posts. Its really just a listing of what we did and where we did it over the last 3 to 4 days. There is a reason for this.... I am sat now at home, in Winnipeg. An old couple are slowly walking past thefront garden wearing huge coats with furry hoods, boots, gloves and probably at least 2 pairs of thick underwear. Its only minus 15, but with wind chill .......(you know what I am on about, so Ill just leave it there).

Its not sitting by a pool, drinking a cool beer or walking a beach, listening to the waves crash. At the moment, I am insanely jealous of all of you who have that feeling today, wherever the hell you may be.  Enjoy it.  At least I have a new scarf and in a couple of weeks I shall be sleeping in a Teepee/Wigwam depending on your word preference. For now, I am sad that we are home from a good holiday. So read this, live vicariously with me as I live vicariously with myself from last week.  

to continue from my previousl blogocks....(I just made that word up Blog and bollocks. BLOGOCKS!) 

after getting up early, driving north and hiking for the afternoon including going down into the Canyon as far as we could in the few hours we had, we needed some food, drink and rest. So, we booked into our hotel for the night – Literally a stone’s throw from the canyon itself – (I now wish I had tried to throw a stone from the window to prove this, but alas I did not) We even had a view of the Canyon from our room, which was nice. We settled in, showered and headed to the cocktail lounge where we enjoyed a couple of drinks and a nice Valentine’s day dinner before a good night’s sleep. (We don’t normally do anything for Feb 14th and didn’t this year either, but just happened to be here for it, so what the hell.)

The view from our window hole

Two days after the day before Valentine’s day.

Up before the sun we headed out into the dark to see a spectacular sunrise but it was cold, icy and cloudy. The soft top on the car was covered in ice and it took a minute or so for the heated windscreen to clear so we could drive it. (Why does a car in Arizona have a heated screen, when you can’t get one on a car in Winnipeg? Seems weird to me!) didn’t stop us though and we arrived at a lovely spot looking eastwards to try and catch what we could of the glory of a new days beginning. We were the only people up and about for a good hour until we were joined by a couple from just outside Toronto. The sunrise was nice, but with a lot of grey clouds about we didn’t get the spectacle we had hoped for. No worries though, as we spent the next couple of hours driving along the rim side road stopping at all the viewpoints. Some of these were spectacular as the low clouds hung like a grey roof over the canyon with streams of sunlight streaming through every-time there was a gap. It really was a nice crisp morning by now and as we started our return journey to Phoenix, we knew we had seen as much as we possibly could.
Sunrise wasn't quite as nice as we had hoped
 But how did the time lapse video turn out.....

Ok ish...?

It was a wet cold! Icy too.
Got some interesting views though

Bloody white stuff!
The drive south started with rain, but as we arrived in the lovely little town of Williams, it cleared a little. This gave us the opportunity to take a good look around the last town on the old Route 66, to be bypassed by the interstate highway. The town is still like something from the forgotten past, with wild west taverns, old wooden storefronts and traditional diners. It was at one of these where we ended up stopping for a great brunch served with a malted shake. Also, while we ate it started to snow outside, getting quite heavy and then stopping just at the right time to let us walk back to the car without getting wet. A perfect hour.


On the mother road.(Will Buffy get the joke?)

We followed Route 66 a short while longer before turning south again and leaving the interstate for some more fun windy roads through the hills and valleys as we headed towards Sedona and Oak Creek. Stopping when we saw something fun, we ended up clambering in to a red rocked valley called Sliding Rock, where there is a clear stream and swimming area. Unfortunately, it was too cold to swim and started to rain soon after we got to the stream, so we continued our drive.

                                                          We found this curvy road.

Suddenly out of the blue the clouds lifted. The rain stopped. The sun came out. Our hopes raised and we stopped to take the roof down on car. The next few hours were amazing as we drive through a beautiful picturesque valley – red rock formations sprang at us from all sides and the views were just amazing as the sun shone down on the brightly coloured rocks. We did stop a few times to take in the views and take some photos, as well as finding an old back road to have a bit of fun with the car. We couldn’t have hoped for a better afternoon and a day where we experienced all 4 seasons in a little over 8 hours.       

                                                         Messing about in the car

                                                Messing about in the countryside in the car!

                                                                   A cool drive through the valley

We arrived back in Phoenix in time to drop the car at the airport and check into the hotel before dinner – a nice little locally run Mexican place only a short walk from the hotel.

The only things we had left to do on the trip were to relax and hopefully get some time by the pool. Unfortunately, when we woke the next day, it was cloudy and cool. So, we set off out to explore the local area, finding cute old drive through stores and diners, weird little vintage shops and a nice little canal to wander along. Luckily, we arrived back at the hotel just as the sun started to show its face and got an hour or so by the pool before getting dressed for a night at the theatre and dinner at a lovely little pizzeria.

Here's a few of the sites from our wander around Phoenix - Its not the most interesting city I have ever visited but its nice enough.

The theatre show was called ‘Hand of God’, and is about a kid who has a puppet apparently that gets taken over by the devil. The show was funny, but the best bit was the audience. In the first half we were in front of a couple who laughed so loud and at the wrong times we thought we might be missing something. 

Then in the 2nd half we moved to some empty seats to get away from the noise and ended up behind a couple in their late 40s or early 50s. But they were completely shitfaced or high or something and constantly shouted abuse and heckled the actors before turning to each other and making out like horny teenagers. It was a bit woeful to see but even more so when the guy tried to talk and could only slur his speech. I felt a little sorry for them as they seemed to have some sort of drinking issue. Oh, well at least it was entertaining!

The start of the weekend.
The one thing I wanted from our holiday was to spend a few hours by a pool doing nothing and today was that day. We got up. Walked the 12 feet or so to the pool and lay down. We swam, enjoyed the sunshine and I drank a few beers. That’s it. Lovely.
In the evening we watched the sunset from the roof of the hotel, while a wedding took place just a few feet behind us in the rooftop bar. Then a lovely dinner and a few drinks before a few more drinks and bed. The perfect way to end the holiday.
Don't tell digby!!

Baby thing by the pool before the sun came out properly. 

Sunday 2.
I had enough time and warm enough weather to take another dip in the pool before we checked out of the hotel and made our way to the airport. We got there in plenty of time after nearly being killed to death by the Lyft driver who didn't slow down for corners!

Our flight was by about 90 minutes but we have a 3 hour wait in Vancouver so we should still get our connection. We won’t find out for an hour though as I type this halfway to Vancouver on the first flight.

It’s been a lovely holiday and exactly what we both needed to get away from the frigid Winnipeg winter. Only a few short weeks and we shall see some warmer days beginning to melt the snow and ice before spring and then summer! There are some exciting times ahead and I know we both can’t wait.

So that's it. The end of our holiday and I must admit, I am a little happier now that I have re-read this. Hope you are too. Think Ill go paint the bathroom roof now. While I do that Ill remember the sunset we saw the other night..... nice..


Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy and Sad cactus face photo

Its fairly safe to say that since we decided on a holiday to get away from winter, its not been plain sailing. We booked the original holiday - an Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta last October and straight away knew it would be a hassle as the host refused to reply to any of our requests for information. That booking eventually got cancelled and we found ourselves a lovely little hotel right by a beach. That had to be cancelled to save the baby turning in to a mosquito or something.

We then found the places we are staying this week in Phoenix and whilst the accommodation looks great, the weather doesn't look so hot. But we so nearly had an even worse start to the holiday....

We were up and ready for a taxi to the airport at 3.40am on Sunday. But as I closed the front door and turned the key, I felt the key twist and start to snap in the lock. I stopped immediately and very slowly and carefully turned the key back on itself to remove it. Luckily, it came out and I rushed back in, locking the door from the inside and used a spare key to leave by the back door. Imagine having the key snap off and having to go on holiday with a key stuck in the lock. We would have had to get it out before leaving and that could have been a nightmare.

We made it to the airport, watched the snowploughs do their formation dance around the airfield clearing the overnight snow before our flight to Phoenix via Vancouver. The flights were uneventful apart from the lovely views over the Rockies as we approached the West Coast.
Airport snowploughs

Hills. We dont get them in Manitoba.

10 hours after getting up in minus 20 odd degree temperatures outside we were outside our apartment in lovely warm sunshine and 24 degrees. Its such a nice feeling to have the warm sun on bare skin after a Winnipeg winter so we were very happy. Unfortunately, we weren't supposed to move into our apartment till 4pm and it was 2pm local time. So the only thing to do do was... Sneak into the secure apartment block and somehow get to the pool.

We walked brazenly in through the front door and peeled right into the accessible elevator. It rose up to the first floor where we disembarked and started searching for an exit to the pool. After wandering around we found an exit door, which locked behind us and discovered the pool was out of reach behind a glass fence and locked doors, which need an electronic fob to pass through. Balls! After a quick resup (beer from the bag) I left Buffy enjoying the sunshine with the cool blue water just out of reach and tried a 2nd time. I sneaked back in after escaping out of a side exit and tried a different route. After getting trapped in an elevator without a fob to make it work I found a games room which had a push button exit Success.
Sneaky 'break in' early pool swim 

I opened the impenetrable gates from inside and let Buffy in. The time was still only 2.15pm. After 15 minutes in the pool my phone buzzed and we had the codes we needed from the company for the proper way to get in, with a note saying how seriously they take their security. Haaahaaa, not well enough for us!!

A swim in the pool and some sunbathing was followed by a wander into the city where we had a spot of dinner in a pub which sells only Cornish Pasties -A strange thing to find in Arizona, but amazing and delicious.  Then after a long day and a few beers it was time for a long kip.

The clouds had descended as expected and so we decided (Buffy made me do it) on a hike up and down Camel back mountain. Although only a short hike (just over a mile either way) its a strenuous one with almost vertical clambers over boulders and rocks as you gain about 400 metres in height over just 2km in distance.
Hilly bastard

Looking down

We had the perfect day for it though and the expected 90 minute climb up took us just about an hour. There were perfect views over the valley all the way up and lots of  clambers up steep rock faces with crazy drops around, but we enjoyed the hike a lot.
360 view from the top

Once at the top we decided to carry on and follow the alternate path down which brings you out just West of Scottsdale - the posh area of Phoenix, where we found orange trees and a lovely little area with cafes, bars and a huge blowing colourful artpiece hanging above the canal.  We decided to stop for a bit of a late lunch and were very happy to find it was happy hour and that the lunch would be huge, cost only $20 total and that included $3 pints! The cheapest pint I have had in years and very well deserved after the strenuous morning.

Not an 'Orange' tree, but an 'Orange tree'. By a bus stop.

Unhappy cactus picture

Happy cactus picture

The cactus 

Also found a house with motorbikes in the lounge!

Big canal art thing!
Found myself a perfect beer

The day after Monday.

After a late Monday evening, we had a late start to the day after Monday. The two things we wanted to get from this holiday were warmer weather than Winnipeg and relaxation. Its safe to say that on the day after Monday we got both. The sun came out, tipped its hat and then hid behind clouds for most of the day. It was like a game of Sun Hide and seek as the big ball of gas teased us with its presence all day without bothering to hang around for more than a brief chat. But after a day reading, snoozing and boozing by the pool, we were more than happy that our local star and source or all life on earth, at least bothered its arse to be seen.

Poolside fireplace

Blue skies

Later that afternoon we grabbed the half cow sized steak we had bought from the local meat merchants alongside with some veg and salad and cooked ourselves a big dinner on the outside grill bbq's that are free for all to use. A scrummy dinner after a lazy day. You may notice that there are no pictures of this food, or indeed the other food we ate whilst holidaying. The reason is that you know food looks like and if you imagine good food being eaten by me and a slightly pregnant Canadian then you get the idea. Nice.

The day of the daughter from the Addams family.

1. Early start.
2. Lyft to airport car rental pick up.
3. Long elevator to car.
4. Drive.
5. Walk in a canyon.

That was the plan for this day. The day also known as The Valentines day.
The plan went quite well. Although we had originally hoped to get a soft top mustang to drive North from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, the car company didn't have one. So instead of a big American style muscle car, they gave us a German Sports car - still a cabriolet soft top version  though! Its lovely to drive, once you figure out all the knobs and buttons and we really enjoyed our 4 hour journey North from Phoenix.
Looking down

On arrival at the Grand Canyon it was cold and there was snow on the ground. So much for a warm summer  holiday eh! But it wasn't that cold, so we spent a while looking down into the daunting hole rip in the earth that makes up the Grand Canyon. If you haven't ever been you really cant take in how big it is. If you have been, well you will know what I mean! Its quite big.


Looking up

We decided to take a look from a different angle and spent the afternoon clambering down the Bright Angel Trail, which leads eventually all the way to the Colorado river. That 9 hour one way trek was a little too far for our plans though, so we stopped after descending about 400 metres down and 2 miles along the path at a lovely vista overlooking the valley hundreds of feet still below us.

The place really is awe inspiring and we spent a good while just taking it all in - looking up as well as down and all around of course!
it WAS valentines day.
We then did some other stuff and took loads of photos...but as I am sat next to the pool writing this, the sun has just come out and we are going for  dip,  I am going to finish now and tell you about that next time.... Cheers for reading. See you soon.....