Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreams about shit.....

I have weird dreams sometimes - not every night - but most nights. Some are really fun and exciting and some are just plain weird. I often find myself waking in the middle of the night after a good dream and trying to get back to sleep to continue. This means I try and remember what happened and I often manage to get back to the dream and start again where I left off. 
If I wake up, I now spend a little time going over my dreams and making notes of them . I'm sure more of you reading this also dream weird stuff and like it too.... or maybe you dont and its just me. Either way, I thought i'd share a few with you......

Here are some examples of dreams I had recently...

Steel bath and Toronto parents.

I was supposed to be meeting Buffy at my mum and dads house (Obviously in a dream some dead people may still be alive!)

When I arrived at my mum and dads house there was a huge, long, stainless steel bath outside - full of hot water. I decided I needed a bath so took off my clothes and jumped in. 

A similar looking bath..

After finishing my bath I got out just  before some of Buffy's choir friends arrived. As they did so, my dad came out of the house to greet them and as I introduced him as my dad he told everyone that his name was 'Toronto'.
His name wasnt Toronto

Buffy arrived soon after and we all went inside the house to meet mum. She came into the front room and introduced herself to everyone - as 'Toronto'. I was a bit taken aback but later, when I got the opportunity, I asked my parents why they were both calling themselves Toronto.

They explained that it wasn't the same when written upside down as when its the right way up, so they decide to use it as a name. End of dream. I woke up.
Also not called Toronto!

Not the same upside down. Well done mum and dad  - you were correct in my dreams - you wierdos1

Asda Tie and doing laundry

Myself and Buffy were working for Asda in UK (UK's version of Walmart)
We were both getting ready for work and Buffy had a nice black shirt, but I couldn't find my clothes.
I opened all my old army lockers which is apparently where I keep my clothes, but they were full of Buffy's clothes and I couldn't find my black polo shirt, which I wanted to wear.

Joel lived next door and I went around to see if he could help. Joel lived in a really modern sleek hairdressing salon with black shiny drawers everywhere  - he told me I needed a tie and I said Id never worn a tie to work for Asda, I then looked around the salon and it was actually one of my old rooms, but done up nicely.

What Joel's salon looked like...

Myself and Joel left the salon and met up with the Australian girls I once met whilst on a boat trip in Turkey (From real life). The Australian girls poured cola into Buffy's bag of clothes and we then left them to go home and do some laundry. 

I woke up.

Hitchhiking and 999 gate exit.

I was making my way to brother Gareth's house in Germany. Whilst trying to leave home my car wouldn't start so I tried my second car(apparently in this dream I had 2) and after driving the second car a short while, that broke down. I hitchhiked and got a lift off two old army mates on their way to Dover. After a while we also broke down.

Hitchhiking again got us all a lift but another passenger in the car decided he needed to go to Scarborough. He then took off his boots to reveal brightly coloured, really sweaty socks. The car now smelled terrible and we headed south on the east coast for a while before I pointed out that Scarborough was in Yorkshire and we were going the wrong way. Without stopping we turned around and headed north... The wrong way for where I wanted to go - Dover.

The stinky passenger was an arsehole and told us about his crazy college days and that when he wanted to sneak out, there was a secret gate that you could leave the college through by dialing 999 on the exit gate code.

We stopped in forest by a river for lunch and I pointed out to the other passengers that we were going the wrong way and it was 4 1/2 hours just to get to Scarborough. So 9 hours to get  there and then back to where were now. I asked if they wanted to hitchhike South from here, but the smelly foot guy smooth-talked then into riding along with him. I grabbed my two rucksacks (my actual 2 from real life) and started to walk towards the east coast.

I found myself lost in the college that stinky foot had mentioned and discovered the secret ate mentioned by him. I dialled 999 on the buttons and it opened. 


When I then took out my mobile phone Samsung galaxy s7 to make a call the screen was smashed into 4 pieces straight up the middle and across. 

In my dreams smashed screens are much neater than this!

I searched my bags for my second older phone galaxy s4 I discovered an old flip phone that I think belonged to Buffy, who I realised I was trying to call. I was now upset and threw down my two, (empty) rucksacks and wondered what to do next.
I woke up

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