Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pies, Sausage rolls and Mrs DAVEY

You clicked the link... haahaa ..

Sausage rolls and cheese and onion rolls.

Easy to eat and easy to make - apparently.

These are top of my current list of things to cook. There isn't any real reason why, apart from the fact that I like them both and want to make them at home. Now the sausage rolls are not that hard - get ground pork, mix with some other secret stuff, lob into some puff pastry and chuck in the oven. The magic oven fairies then look after them while they heat up and lo and behold 20 minutes later you have lovely fluffy hot sausage rolls which fill your belly and taste like your first drink after 6 months on the wagon. Lovely.

Cheese and onion rolls are another thing - no matter how hard I try, how much effort I put into crimping the end of the pastry - the cheese will always escape - I end up with a puff pastry roll surrounded by scolding hot, but tasty pools of melted cheese! Admittedly, as you take them out of the oven you can eat the cheese and pastry and its delicious, but once it cools, the cheese goes hard and although I still like it, the average person who actually cares about what they eat, wouldn't like it. Ill admit, the reason I have no photos is because they taste so good I dint have time to take any...but whats a crap chef to do? Answers on a postcard to:- 'What? You cant even make a cheeseand onion roll?' Winnipeg, Manitoba  

That's the main news from the last few weeks, Its been a generally on and off up and down in and out few weeks. Ill tell you about it. If you promise not to tell anyone as its all a secret......

Buffy Cowtan  - caterpillar has become Buffy Davey - Butterfly......
Unbelievably, after 85 days Buffy still hasn't seen sense and is still married to me. Not only that but she has gone through the elongated process of changing her name from Cowtan to Davey. She must be crazy!?! Why would she put herself through all of this. I have no idea what goes on in her mind. I would have left me years ago! But I'm glad she hasn't. You could send her a message at her facebook account (although she wont see it as she is taking time off from facebook)  Look, here it name and everything!

Its Sunday afternoon here in the Peg and if you arent reading this in Canada, you may not know whats going on. The biggest news is that the weather is a bit weird. Last year there was a foot of snow and it was minus 20 degrees Celsius. But this year its above freezing, there is no snow and people are still wandering around in t-shirts. Winter is coming, but its taking a detour on its way here.

Job stuff...

I am now 5 weeks int my new job with Telexperts. I have my works car, laptop cell phone and new tools and even went out and did my first solo site visit this week. Its going well. I spent 3 days in a hospital installing phones with one of the other installers. The first thing I was given was a skeleton key for the entire hospital, which meant I could access any room on site. The x-ray room was fun although its impossible to take your own x-ray. The laundry was fun too - all the doctors coats and scrubs that they wear for operations were in there. I was tempted to dress up and pretend I was a doctor until I was actually mistaken for one by a patient - even though at the time I was carrying an armful of phones. It was a fun but busy three days - working just over 30 hours over the time we spent there. Its nice to be busy though and even better when you get complimented on your work as I did.
My works car

Phones in the hospital boardroom ready to go out...

I also get out to a lot of offices in and around Winnipeg - in one the other day it was a great view over the city, so I had to take some photos....

Looking towards the Legislature Building
I am really enjoying the work at the moment - Its a steep learning curve, but I'm catching on pretty quickly I think and after doing one week long course last week, I have another one in two weeks time - so soon Ill be out on my own most of the time - its going to be good! I do miss working at Wilderness Supply, but we still get to see everyone from there and catch up every now and then, so its all good.

Beer -
It would be unusual not to post something about beer on here. Today's beer entry is quick and simple - We have very nearly run out of beer left over after the wedding. The nearly 400 beers we had left are finally down to the final 4 cases of 15. Another week or so and I think we will actually go out and buy something else other than keiths, Kokanee or Original 16. I might drink a bit faster.....

If you remember a few months ago, there was a huge fire just down the road from our house. A big condo development was burnt down one Saturday night in April and took the neighbouring houses with it! It now been cleared up and finally the development is well under way again - lets hop it doesn't burn down again!

Mr D's pies are awesome.
I love Friday night chippy nights back in UK, so we decided to carry on with our tradition over here. I do make my own pies every now and then, but I do love pies from Mr'Ds too.
If you are in Winnipeg and want a good pie - go here....

There are lots of other things I want you to think about and comment on if you have nothing else to do....
Should we buy a vacuum for our hardwood floors or use a brush?
Which car should we keep in the garage - our fiesta which we now only use once a week or the works car that I use for work every day?
Where should we put our Christmas tree when we get it? In the front room? In the front porch? Outside?
Should I try to make something else other than cheese and onion rolls? Whats a good alternative that wont leak cheese in the oven?
Should I open a beer or a bottle of wine now? I'm thinking maybe one of each.....

Lastly, I was working part time this time last year and if you remember I had the time to build a huge 8 foot high lawn tower - made of ice and with coloured blocks and's a reminder...

I am working full time now, Monday to Friday and because of this and the nicer weather there isn't enough time to build one this year - so what should I build?! Do yo have any ideas of how I could build something cool (literally as it will be mad of ice) but which doesn't take about 30 hours to do as this did last year...

Ideas on a postcard to  - Rick Davey's Huge winter erection 2, Winnipeg Canada etc etc

That's it for now... Time to stop play, just for today,
Andy and Teddy must now go away.
Time to stop play, just for today
Andy is waving goodbye …, goodbye …, goodbye.

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