Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Hello Wonderful people. Are you happy?
Look down....Look Up.....Look down....Look Up....Look down.....Look Up.... You see, I can make you nod your head and reply to my question - Doing that kind of stuff is called Interaction.

In the future you will be able to reach inside your computer, phone or tablet screen and grab me by the throat, telling me not to write so much shite and actually get off my arse once in a while and get a job.

Well that day has come and gone (Not the reaching inside the computer screen bit -  I made that up, of course you wont be able to reach inside the computer screen - you will just be able to control some form of 'throtttlerbot', which will probably be in the form of half robot and half drone. You will be able to direct the 'throttlerbot' to land on my front porch and ring the doorbell, before extending its weirdly realistic fully functional arm (Which may be re-programmable for other users, such as those lonely guys who don't have a significant other.) and strangling me as I answer the door. Of course all of this would be played live over the Internet in full 6k 3d 'o'vision for the pleasure of everyone who will watch from their 8 foot by 8 foot sealed pod in which we all live. Thankfully Isaac Asimov's 3 laws of robotics would be adhered to and the 'throttlerbot', would not allow anything more than a slight displeasure from me before letting go with his hand and flying off into the sky like one of the monkeys from The Wizard of Oz, complete with little cap.)

Now you have probably stopped nodding in agreement and are no doubt wondering what the hell is going on? Believe me, so am I.

The day that has come and was mentioned above is the day that I 'Got a Job'....

A few months ago, whilst driving to work at Wilderness Supply, I drove up Wall Street in Winnipeg and saw a company called Telexperts. They advertised 'Managed Voice and Data', on their sign. Now this is something I know about and so late one night whilst I couldn't sleep I looked at their website and saw that they were looking to hire a communications technician. Not only was that interesting to me, but during my career I have been called a few different names - 'Cockface', 'Knobhead', 'Shortarse', 'Embryo' and lots of other like that - but also 'Communications Engineer', 'Communications Instructor' and 'Systems Technician'. Communications Technician was actually my original trade name when I joined the Royal Signals back in 1987, so rings a certain bell in my small strangely shaped head.

So this was the first time I have ever seen an advertisement for a job that used my actual original job title. I looked a little deeper into the company and it turns out that their main service is the planning, installation and maintenence of VoIP phones into offices and businesses - Exactly what I spent the last year doing in UK .....I ended up drafting a really quick cover letter, updated my resume with my UK job and then sent it at about 4am before going back to bed. I forgot all about it as I dreamed weird dreams.
Here is a link to their website....


So head forward 3 months or so and you get to the middle of September. I married Buffy, family visited and had a great time and life was all sweet. I received an email....

'We are very interested in meeting you to discuss the possibility of employment'. From the Vice President of Telexperts.

My ghast was flabbered. I had forgotten all about the email I had sent and hadn't even told Buffy.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I met with the technical director - a nice guy called Andy and then had a second interview with the VP himself - an equally nice guy called Jess. I really enjoyed both interviews and started to get excited about the possibility of getting back into the communications game and learning some new equipments and services.

Luckily, I have a 100% pass rate on job interviews - every single time I have made it to the interview process when trying to get a job, I have been successful - so as you can imagine I was pretty confident of being offered a job and a couple of days later I received an email doing just that! I accepted and then tendered my resignation with Wilderness Supply. I am leaving this week and will be starting on Monday 17th October with Telexperts.

So I will be saying goodbye to these....

and hello to this....

Anyone who knows me will know that when I left the army I retired and travelled for 3 years or so. I came out of retirement whilst in the UK, but then semi-retired again and have worked only part time for the last 18 months, I never expected to go back to full time employment, but also never expected a job like this to just appear. It is also only 5 minutes from home and has a lovely benefits package. It really was too good to turn down.

I will miss the banter and the team from Wilderness Supply. I have some good mates there but will definitely continue to see them .

I know I will have to work hard to get back up to speed with the communication's equipment's, but every time I was posted in my army career I had to meet and work with new people, learn new equipment's and new processes. Technology has moved on since I last worked on this kind of stuff and so I know it will be a steep learning curve, but I am excited to get on with it and can't wait to start. In fact I have already started doing some online learning and will be doing even more this week before starting work proper next Monday!

Well, that's about all from me for today. Its time to do some more online training I think.

Be good, Feed the dog. Make your bed and don't forget to turn on the heating - Winter is coming!!

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