Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jacks visit (With Matt and Nikki).......

So, when we were sending out invites to the wedding we sent some to the UK and one reply we got was from Nikki and Matt. Nikki being one of the main people we travelled with after I met her in Australia  - and Matt being Nikki's husband, (Who we knew she would marry before she did). Unfortunately they wouldn't be able to make the wedding, but as they were on Holiday in Florida in May, they may pop up to visit us! Nice we thought, that sounds great....But for 17 days! Blimey, we exclaimed in horror - 17 days, that's a bit long! We cant stand each other for 17 days - what will it be like with 'other people' in the house for 17 days! It could be a nightmare.

But as it turns out, it wasn't a nightmare.

As it turns out it was a bloody pleasure.

I am genuinely sad that they have gone home today. It was lovely to have someone stay who makes them selves at home, doesn't need looking after every minute of the day and is happy to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by - which is also one of my favourite things to do!

Oh, yeah - and they brought Jack with them. Jack is 1 year old. Jack is awesome. I love Jack!
He is such an open little boy. Smiling most of the time, giving high fives, feeding me when I am hungry and eyeing up every waitress he sees in every cafe and restaurant. Jack is such a great little kid. It was so good to have him around the house and just to watch how much he changed in two weeks is amazing. He has twice as many teeth as he arrived with and seems to be twice as big!

So what did we do with them for two and a bit weeks in Winnipeg?
As already explained Matt and Nikki did enjoy just being around the house. Me and Buffy couldn't take the two weeks off work, so we left them to their own ideas for a few days. The made it to Polo Park, into the city and over the river to St Boniface. We also showed them around the forks and visited Assiniboine park for the Teddy Bears picnic and to watch a crap game of cricket. The bison safari was cancelled because of the weather, but we did get to have a backyard barbecue and spend a long weekend at cabin with Buffys mum and dad.

We also spent a couple of nights in the basement introducing Matt and Jack to 'Mike Tyson Mysteries' - if you havent seen it watch it now. We played a few board games, did impressions of gnomes and got chased to the bathroom - all while drinking lovely cold beers!

We had a few meals out and one big night down the pub whilst Jack was being babysat by Susan. We have done a lot!
One of the highlights was visiting the zoo and seeing the superb Polar bear exhibit close up - it is just fantastic

Anyway, here's a few photos and videos of their stay....

Matt and Jack in the hammock chair at the lake

and on the boat to the island

Me carrying Jacks life jacket

Last night dinner at The Tallest Poppy

Jack in a seal!

At the zoo.
Polar bear above!!

Close up

Looking at the bear

Jack eyeing the polar bears up at lunch

everyone else joined in!

We didn't like Jack at all...

Me and Jack just didn't get on!

He liked waving the flag and danced to the anthem.....

Will Jack make it to the kitchen to see him mum?? Watch the video to find out....

I was actually a little sad when I got home from work today and saw this.....

Like I said, I will miss all 3 of our guests and I know Buffy feels the same. I cant wait to see how Jack grows up in the coming years and we will definitely be visiting them all in Harrogate next time we are back in the UK. Nikki, Matt and Jack - you are welcome back anytime! We will miss having you around. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Winnipeg - its not that bad is it! Have a great journey

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