Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Government sponsored lethal chambers......

Hello 2016 and the end of the world - at least that's what some people think - OK, England is now officially a bit of a joke with people voting the UK out of Europe for all the wrong reasons and the English football team being beaten by a team managed by a part time dentist! But, I'm sure you have all heard enough about all that shiiiiiite! So, on with the world, ice cream, new socks and especially for a good Canadian friend of mine, who shall remain nameless on this blog but will know who I'm talking about because this entire post is all the fault of this unnamed prankster!!

So, The King in Yellow........

Before Christmas some of you may remember I received an old old envelope supposedly lost in the mail for a number of years and from a source as yet unknown. This was the beginning of a strange, frustrating and weirdly a little scary few months for me.... The envelope looks like this...

Posted in the year 2000, they somehow saw the future and realized I would live at this address...
Inside was a letter and 4 pieces of aged yellow paper,

If you can read the letter and the papers enclosed with it you will see that they are from some supposed 'Banned play', which the unknown group who sent the letter have been trying to secrete away for future generations. They are over 100 years old according to the letter and as they are in danger and cannot be kept safe any longer, have been sent to me for safekeeping along with many other similar parcels which have been sent far and wide.The delayed mail (16 years) is because an intermediary has been used to prevent anyone tracing the sender.....

This was all very strange and after reading the letter I put them away for safekeeping and thought that would be the end of it.......

A few weeks passed and some snow fell on Winnipeg. I got home from work one afternoon and found a strange cardboard envelope in the mail. This is what was contained within...

 Firstly a snippet from an old newspaper. It was a dull report about a production of a play at the Royal Strand Theatre. It continued more interestingly though, explaining about a strange and unknown group of people who turned up after the play and unloaded trunks and crates into the stage entrance. Also mentioned was a playbill for an as yet unknown play....

The second part of this package was one of these actual playbills about a play called 'The King in Yellow'. A play written by 'Unknown' and with only one performance planned. 
The weirdest part of this package was a small cloth sack like bag, which contained a strange, heavy, metal pendant with an unreadable inscription on. Things were starting to get weird and I wondered what would happen next.

I didn't have to wait long as just a few days later a new letter arrived - It contained two snippets of news from The Daily Herald - dated 2nd and 3rd July 1895...

 The first as you can read explains about the correspondents attempts to gain access to see the new play. He was unable to get inside but watched as the well dressed crowd that entered the play left in tatters mumbling, laughing and yelling obscenities in a strange language as they ran from the building.

The second and longer newspaper excerpt tells of the correspondents desire to discover what had gone on inside the theatre. He managed to sneak inside and after venturing down a dark stairwell he heard maniacal laughter from behind a large iron door. He entered the room and found a load of melted candles and an inscription repeated over and over - The same weird symbol from the pendant I received a few weeks before. Eventually the correspondent describes the floor being filled with small statues, about a foot tall of  man with a hood or shrouded face and a crown upon his head. A note had been left that read' My work is done and my yellow lord has freed me from my travails. I am free now to seek out oblivion. I shall travel overseas to the government lethal chamber to seek peace from the voices that haunt me'.

He left the room hastily and after reporting his findings to Scotland yard, vowed to take a leave of absence and travel abroad.

It seemed to me that the correspondent had been affected by the room and decided to follow the person who wrote the note... Attached with these clippings were a two photographs.

 The first showed a child cutting an 'opening' ribbon at some sort of temple like building, whilst the photo showed what looked like a prison or old fashioned madhouse with barred windows.

I didn't notice until a few days later that the first photograph was actually a creepy postcard. On the back it explained it was a ribbon cutting ceremony from the opening of the first government sponsored lethal chamber. That gave me a little chill down my spine.
Another letter found its way to me a few days later. This one was weird as it didn't seem to be for me..

It appeared to be for a Joshua Prevort. I returned to the newspaper clippings and indeed this was the correspondents name. Apparently Joshua was now in a Lunatic Asylum and his articles were never allowed to be published. Th artifacts and documents he found under the theatre had been acquired by the letter writer  - a Mr F Tennyson Neely. It went on to explain that the artifacts will be needed sometime in the future and will be kept safe until then.... 

This was all now getting a bit, well, weird, creepy and uncomfortable. But it got ever weirder a few weeks later when a bloody wooden crate turned up on my door step....

 Yep, this crate - about a foot long and 8 inches high was sat waiting for me one afternoon.
It took a while to open it as it was sealed with 4 long old style nails.
The top of the crate had a stamp on it......F Tennyson Neely..... It think I already knew what was inside...

 Once opened I found some crumpled old brown paper and I could feel something metallic and heavy inside....

 It was a solid statue. Of a man, dressed in robes, with a shrouded face and wearing a strange crown.
Isnt that just bloody creepy!?!

This was my final parcel. 

I have since found out what all this was about, but will not tell you on here. If you want to know, then ask me in a message and I will explain or do a search around the internet - all the clues are here in the blog and especially in the letters and newspaper clippings. 

If you are ever around at our house, take a look on the bookcase, there is a wooden box about a foot long on the top shelf. For some unknown reason, I cannot make myself put it away out of sight.....


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  4. Could you email me who sent this to you or moreover some of the details about or beyond your packages? I've received all of the same contents in about a three month period and have stumbled into a few conclusions myself but cannot place a finger on who might actually be behind it. My email address is toshiro_okami@yahoo.com and any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit bothered by the whole event but it oddly brings a sense of comfort to see someone else with the exact same predicament.

  5. Glad to have come across your post. I've received all the same items you've identified. Any information you'd be willing to share would be appreciated. My email address is hank1072@sympatico.ca. Thank you

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