Thursday, May 26, 2016

100 days until. Plus the house has a basement wee.....

100 days till what I hear you ask?? Christmas? No. The start of the next premier league campaign? Possibly. Richard Antony Davey marries Buffy Jonina Cowtan in a wonderful back garden ceremony before dancing the night away under the stars with friends and family from around the world? Yep.

Today, 26th May - 17 years to the day since the greatest European Cup Final triumph and the culmination of Man United's infamous 'Treble', marks the 100 day countdown to our wedding.

Are we ready? Not yet. Will we be ready by September 3rd? Maybe. Are we bothered as long as the beer is cold and food is plentiful? Not really, its just an excuse for a piss up and for Buffy to look super cute in a white dress. Maybe like this one below....

At the moment we are sharing our house with our first ever overseas guests... Nikki and Matt have brought their super awesome 1 year old son,  Jack over to see us. They are staying for a couple of weeks and enjoying all the things that Winnipeg has to give. Over the weekend we are planning on visiting the polar bears at the zoo and hopefully, if it stops raining, we will also get to ride the miniature train in Assiniboine park.  The first week of their visit has been busy too - with shopping trips, lunches, plenty of lazy time sat around in the beautiful warm spring sunshine as well as copious drinking at the pub and down at the lake over the weekend.

We spent the weekend at the family cabin in Lake of the woods and loved it as usual. Playing dominoes till late into the night and relaxing on the swim dock in the afternoons as well as helping Jon and Susan build the super new fancy deck area out the front of the cabin! Its spiffy.
Here's a photo of everyone enjoying a boat ride on the lake!

Its been really nice having visitors over and we cant wait till we have a houseful of guests in a little over 13 weeks! As a we are going to have a BBQ in the rain and see how many beers we can chill quickly in  - its just an excuse for drinking really disguised as 'wedding planning'.

In other news the basement is getting a good soaking again - we have water pouring through it like never before. Luckily, it is now pouring through the pipes we had installed under the floor and all the liquid is going directly into the drains instead of into the carpet! The basement repair seems to have worked and we couldn't be happier about it!
There are a couple of other things I wish to share with you if you have bothered to read this far....
The FA Cup final last week was great - OK, the game wasn't brilliant but United won and we had a great time down at the grove with Roberto, Antonio and the rest of the United fans. It was a good turnout and a great afternoon! I cant wait for next season to start so we can spend more time with everyone down there watching the games!

Buff, Roberto and the rest

Pub full of supporters

United lift the cup
Th biggest news in this entry is obviously about gardening. Who would guess that growing a little bit of grass would be so much fun and excitement.....

I moved one of our drainpipes that actually went uphill under our deck. It was one of the reasons we had water i that part of the basement as during winter the water ran under the deck and pooled under our back porch. It froze and them melted into the ground. So to fix this I have moved the drainpipe and the patch of dirt and stone has had a new layer of soil and grass seed has been laid. I even bought a hosepipe so I could water it easily. Now just a week or two after laying the seed there is a lovely little patch of grass growing...

The beginnings

More more more
Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

So that's it for now. Mourinho has been named Man United manager and I need some lunch. So I will say adieu and farewell. Be good to each other and watch out for snakes.

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