Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mum, dad, dogs, family and an elephant!! Sort of....

Its been a quiet few weeks at home. Just the normal work and stuff that happens in the new year. It has given me the chance to go through most of mum and dads photos though, so as a treat I though I would post a few on here for you to look at....
I haven't yet finished going through all the albums, but there are a whole load to look though - just follow the links at the bottom. Here are a selection to get you started....

I love this one of mum leaning n a stump! David and Eleanor's wedding and one of us kids in the bottom it me?!

Id never seen these before. Dad looks like one of the Kray twins... Gareth in dads old minivan and mum vegging on a beach. Anyone know who the dog is?
Some of us kids

Girls bike, Girls bike, commando - and the day we got Rascal.
Manchester simplified.- Rain and United!
When Uncle Bunny came to visit
Pickmere and Gravestones farm!

The elephant - the rest of his body was in next door!

The weekend they widened the motorway - didn't take three years then!!
Anyone see a fox?! No didn't think so!! haahaa

90 moss vale rd and nans old sofa. Mum looks so sad in the top pic. It makes me sad - I want to hug her. Don't know why she is sad -she is eating a sandwich from the old sandwich maker!!

Kids, dad and the actual sandwich from the picture with mum above...strange photo

Dad ad rascal, dads heli, me and chris and gareth.....haahaahaa!!!
St Hughes donkey derby!!
Awesome dog - trying to shag a baby michael.... haahaa
More Rascal.

That's it for today. I you are interested then there are lots more photos to see in these links.
You should be able to download any that you like!
 Don't forget to comment if you want!!

Album of Gareth Tracey, wedding and baby michael

Photo album from the 80's

Lots of old black and white photos

Another album 70s and 80s when we were kids

A few of mum and dad in the 90's and 00s

more from the 80s. Including the elephant!

high quality scans of a few photos

even more from the 70s



  1. Mum wasn't sad in the sandwich picture she was confused. ...I remember we were pissing ourselves laughing. ... We had just bought the sandwich maker and she had the honour of eating the first attempted toasted sandwich. . She was like " wtf is that. .." Haha xxxx

    1. Haahaa did we ever use it again after the first try!?!