Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I have been a lazy person. Scotland, London footy trains and photos.

I am lazy - extremely lazy - actually that's not true. I haven't updated the blog in a while, but since I have been quite busy with other things its not really down to laziness. I will however punish myself in the same way I was punished at school. No, I wont be giving myself physical punishment, but just a few 'lines' instead.

I really must keep my blog up to date more often.
I really must keep my blog up to date more often.
I really must keep my blog up to date more often.
I really must keep my blog u to date more often.
I really must kee my blog up to date more often.
I really must keep my blog up to date more often.
I really must keep my blog up to date more often.
I really muct keep my blog up to date more often.
I really must kee pmy blog up to date more often.
I really must keep my blog u to date more often.

There, that'll do.

So, whats been happening?

Me and the missus went for a long weekend up to Edinburgh at the end of January. The idea was to take a few days off and not do much, which turned out really nicely. We did visit the castle, Arthur's seat, took a ghost tour around town and into the haunted cemetery, enjoyed a literary pub tour of the city alongside a crowd of 12 eastern Europeans on a stag weekend who thought they were on a completely  different type of night out! Plus we spent a great afternoon with a professional photographer showing us how to take better photos of the city.... all in all a great few days.
Below are a few photos of the trip with some of the pics we took with the photo bloke.

The view of some old building from our kitchen window.

Some Canadian woman near a hill in Scotland
 A Bloke and a gun AT NOON

A hill and a wall
Stood and looked in a mirror

Canadian on a hill named after Arthur and his seat
Haunted by a poltergeist

Photographer bloke -
Good photo

lamp and monument

scraww scraww
having fun with photos

arty movement pics too
from up there


more arty stuff
Buffys eagle shot

Ghostly stuff

castle again
Pisshead enjoying a lovely £6.20 whisky...nice.
After Edinburgh.
After Edinburgh we came home. Then I went away again....

I had a week in London with work - covering on call in central London. I will suggest one thing to anyone who has never driven in Central London. Don't.
The problem that I see in London isn't the traffic itself. It is the other forms of transport. There are so many buses and taxis that there isn't enough room for any other traffic to get around London. It tales 45 minutes to do about three miles at midnight on a Friday! Mental. However, if all the empty buses and taxis were stopped there would be plenty of room and everyone could get around easily. As it is everyone who doesnt drive takes a tube anyway, so there is no need for all the buses! Most of them are empty!!

It was an interesting week though. I stayed in a hotel next to Euston station and after a busy weekend working till 5am on Monday morning, I didn't do much else for the week. I had the odd day job and managed to drive by Arsenals old stadium before Buffy came down and stayed for a few days and we had a couple of good nights out  - watching 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' at The Savoy Theatre and also a night at the cinema in Leicester Square followed by a pint in 'The Euston Tap' - a wonderful little pub in  a tiny building just next to euston station. There is only room for about 29 people inside but 27 quality craft beers on tap! A great little find.
Cool security fence

Wheres the cat? (If you don't know what I mean then ask me....)

Up the arse!
Guess where?

That's the entire place! Cool.
Home again.

After London we came home then we did some other stuff.

We managed to get tickets for United v Burnley, which if plans work out as planned may be our last United game for a while. So after a terrible display, but a win, we took some photos!

Finally, this weekend on what turned out to be the nicest day of the year so far, we took the dog out to Chassen Park to throw a ball about and watch the little steam trains give trips around the park to lots of excited kids and their even more excited dads!

Dog and Canadian girl

Steeeam traaain
Well, I must apologise again for the lack of updates recently. I hope you enjoyed your look at our recent trips and travels. I'll will try and keep it a updated more often from now on.... otherwise I will have to punish myself using that rubber duck again.......... Thanks for reading!!

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