Friday, January 2, 2015

Slightly burnt pizza and no turkey!

Its over. Everything is over. T'is no more. A has been. Never to be seen, touched or enjoyed again. Yep, Christmas 2014 has been resigned to the annals of history. Now we start the countdown again - which one though? Valentines day? Easter? Ramadan? Bubble bath day? (Jan 8th) If you like writing then maybe 'Ball point pen day' is for you on June 10th. I know a few people who cant wait till June 13th and 'Gin day' - then you have a week to sober up for Juggling day on the 20th June. Whatever your bacon, start the calendar countdown and look forward to it - because just like Christmas 2014, pretty soon it will all be in the past. Talking about the past, what did we do over the Winter holidays? Well, if you are comfortable and interested, read on and discover.....

24th December -Day before baby Jesus' birthday - kind of...

Yeah, we went to the pub. Me and Buffy donned our drinking hats and went around the corner to the Urmston and had a few beers, chatted to a few friends and then we came home. It was a lovely night!
Down t pub!
25 December - Pumpkin Pie day!!
We gets our asses out of bed and went down to see the delights that awaited us.....

For Buffy - from me she received a packet of smash (instant mashed potato), a real life potato and a new potato masher. Do you see the theme there? She didn't know at the time but her Christmas would dramatically improve later in the day)

For me - Buffy gave me a funny book about running,  a model of a spitfire with realistic noises (Cool!) and the best present I thin I have ever received -A lynx deodorant and shower gel set. It sounds rubbish, but Buffy knew that my mum and dad always gave me one of these sets and when I opened it this year it did bring a tear to my eye. Thanks mum and dad. x

For Taz - He got a big bone that should last him a few days - which he ate in about 5 minutes - greedy dog!! haaha

Yep - Frozen wrapping paper!



Thanks mum.

We then went out with Taz for our traditional Christmas day walk. Today was very busy though and it was frustrating me and what I had planned. On our Xmas in Winnipeg we had taken some really nice photos lying in the snow and I wanted to take a UK version lying in the mud - at least that's what Buffy thought.... We finally found a lovely little path with trees on both sides and no one about. I asked Buffy to lie down and then joined her with the camera on a timer. I then got the engagement ring out of my pocket and asked Buffy to marry me. Slightly confused, she looked at me for a second before saying 'Yes' and smiling. It went pretty well I think!!


Crazy dog

She says yeah.

We then went back to the house and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking Champagne and chatting with the Winnipeg clan  on Skype. It was lovely to pass on the good news and we also opened our presents from them - A bottle of port and some girl guide cookies - Yum!! Buffy also surprised me with another gift - an engagement present of a watch. We had chatted a while ago about whether I would get anything and a watch was what I wanted. It even says 'Knobhead' on the strap - awesome!!




26 December - Candy cane day apparently!

Chris was home with the kids on the 26th - so it was all Pink wigs and silly presents all around as Chris opened all the silly things the kids had bought him. Chris also gave me a huge United flag which will adorn the wall in my man cave when we arrive in Winnipeg. Buffy also loved her Walking dead T-shirt


Girly gifts


That was it really for the festive season. We had a great chat with Gareth and Tracey as well, but then I was back at work at 6pm on Boxing day. I have been on call all week and have worked every night - once starting at 3am, then the next night working till 3am and the following night working through till 7am. You can say its been busy. In fact on New Years eve I only just made it home in time to spend midnight with my Fiance!! That was cool.

Its now 2nd Jan (Cream Puff day) and chippy night - Time for a couple of beers and a mellow weekend. I think we deserve it!!

Have a lovely drinking straw day tomorrow!!

Oh yeah, Buffy was also happy cos it snowed - for about an hour!! But she loved it!!