Monday, November 1, 2010

Where are you ay!? Im in Koh Samui!! Jealous? You should be!!

Today is the day we go on Holiday to Koh Samui, so after waking at 4.25am and checking the weather forecast for the beach – (Thunderstorms for the whole week!) we all met downstairs and boarded the bus. A few people had not paid their room bills whilst the hotel was confused about some who had paid their bills too!! After it was all paid and sorted out though, we left Bangkok just before 5.30am. It was still dark and everyone lay down in their reclining seats and had a good couple of hours kip. The morning flew by with a couple of toilet stops for us and the driver until we reached a nice service station for lunch at half 11. There were lots of individual stall selling all sorts of Thai food, from rice, to noodles and curry. Natalie had a green curry which was hotter than she imagined and she couldn’t finish it. Jennifer Parsonage tried a Thai smoothie once she worked out what was in it and it tasted lovely. Most people had a mix of rice, meat and a Thai omelette too. I introduced myself to Stuart, our new bus member. He is a friend of Vicky's and will now be with us to the end of the trip!! Welcome mate!! Our first chat was about why at the Thai service station, the urinals are always outside! We decided it was because of the nice view – But couldn’t decide if we meant the view of us using the urinals, or the view we had whilst using them!? Either way it was funny!!

After lunch it was back on our big red comfy bus and more driving towards the ferry to Koh Samui.

It was a fairly relaxed afternoon on the bus with most people just relaxing, sleeping or biding their time till we reach the port.

We arrived at the ferry port to Koh Samui an hour early and managed to get on the 4pm ferry instead of the 5pm that we originally expected. By now the weather had changed for the worst and it was windy, rainy and cloudy – Not exactly what we had wanted or expected for our time in Koh Samui.

The ferry wasn’t as rough as we had expected with the rough sea though and so safe from being sick we queued to get what I thought was a cake but turned out to be a tuna sandwich, which was really nice. I had a couple of beers with Lisa and Mills and most of us sat outside on deck where it was a little cooler than it was inside. After an hour and a half we saw the Island of Koh Samui leering back at is through the mist and we got ready to disembark.

Once off the ferry it was a quick job to load us all onto 3 minibuses provided by the resort where we are staying and then a short 30 minute journey across the Island to Home Bay Resort.

I thought that the resort would be a load of quite cheap wooden shacks a mile from the beach but actually it consists of a number of quite nice bungalows situated along the beach itself. Some of them are sea view whilst the furthest are no more than 100metres away from the sea. Inside are really comfortable beds and a nice bathroom. Its all surrounded by palm trees and the sound of nature – Frogs, crickets and whatever other wildlife is living in the woods here. Even though my bungalow is one of the furthest from the sea there is still the indescribable sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. I think we will all be happy here for the next few days. At the moment I am sitting on my balcony/porch in the lovely warm evening and wondering what to do next. The rest if the group appear to be sorting out there stuff and then probably heading off for some food and drinks. I think I will join them. Lets hope for a good evening and some good weather come the morning.

So we had a bit of dinner in the restaurant at the resort. Everyone enjoyed a good meal, Me Awal, Matt, Becky Maartje, Frankie, Jennifer Parsonage, Laura and Janet then had a walk the 23 or 24 metres to the beach!! The sea is really rough and there is a sign saying that we cannot swim and after a bit of paddling we can see why. The rip tide is awesome and very dangerous, so we stood about getting soaked by the breaking waves and just enjoying the thrill of being here. It really is an awesome place and I’m hoping to get up for the sunrise tomorrow to see how it looks. I don’t yet know if I will make it as currently me Jennifer, Awal and Matt are sitting in the bar using the net and I am enjoying the beer!!

We have 3 more nights here and if the weather forecast is right we will not get much sun, but we will have a good relaxing time enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I have said it before and I will say it again – Go travelling, its cool!!

Time for bed soon, with the sound of waves in the background!! Are you jealous!!? You should be!

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  1. Mum says YES you little b! She is jealous.