Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last update from Bangkok...

Well that was a strange night out!!!
Me Kenneth, Isabelle, Jennifer Parsonage, Lisa, Mark and Lana just spent the few hours at Siam Niramit!
This is a spectacular stage show/theatre production all about Thailand. Before the show we had a really nice dinner and then looked around a traditional Thai village built in the centreif the city, there are Elephants to look at and touch which especially pleased Jennifer Parsonage as she hadnt yet arrived when we were with teh eleohants in Chitwan a few weeks ago.
We also saw some traditional dancing before joining the queue to enter the theatre. The queue eventually moved forwards and we all entered the large auditorium. There are seats for up to 2000 people but t0night there were maybe 400-500.
Th show itself was spectacular, with elephants, massive boats and ships sailing across the back of the stage brilliant lighting and sound. There was also a rive that appeared at the front of the stage and we couldnt agree where it ahd come from -I say the floor dropped away, but others disagree! Unfortunately Jennifer Parsonage and I didnt understand what the hell was going on and so dont think we enjoyed it quite as much as we thought we would.
Lisa, Mark and the rest loved it though - I suppose its each to his own. Anyway, it was a good night out overall and Id much prefer to have gone rather than sit in the Hotel or just go to another bar, especially since we are leaving at 5am to head towards Koh Samui!
Its now time for a good shower and finally pack the rest of my stuff so that I can get up as late as possibel in the morning#!!
Bangkok has been great. Its a modern thriving city, but 3 full days isnt enough to see it all. I always said that Thailand would be my 'get out clause;', if Im stuck somewhere with no ideas. So far that holds true because Thailand so far is great!!

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