Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Storm and rescues in Koh Samui....

New pics for week 9 are now in Picasa!!!

Blue bar!!

After going to bed around 11.30pm I was woke up around 2am when I noticed that there had been a power cut. It was really windy outside too and so I sat there listening to the wind and the rain beating down outside. Suddenly my phone rang and when I answered it, it was Lisa. She had come in from a night out with Bev, Donna and the girls and due to the power cut she couldn’t find her cabin. Being a switched on Mofo, I had had a look around the resort earlier, when we arrived, so went to find her and showed her where she lived! We shared a beer while she told me of her night and I realised that she hadn’t seen the sea yet, so we wandered the short walk down to the beach.

By now the wind was getting really strong and the sea was very very rough, but we had a quick paddle and got bloody soaked by the waves. I got a bit worried as we went in a bit deep and had to keep a tight grip on Lisa as I dint want her to be dragged away into the sea, but she was OK and after a few minutes we wandered back to her cabin, soaking wet but exhilarated by the experience!!

After finishing the beer we had started I left Lisa to get some sleep and walked back to my cabin. By now it was nearly 4am, so I climbed back into bed, having had a really good fun hour! Cheers Lisa!

Shortly after getting back into bed there was another power cut as the wind got stronger and the rain got harder, I managed to get an hours sleep before I was woken again at about 5.30am. I thought I saw someone peering in my window and tapping on the glass, but when I looked outside the window is far too high off the ground for someone to do so. I presume it was just the weather and the palm trees!! As I was up I decided to go down to the beach to see the sunrise. I ran barefoot to the beach but was soaked before I even got halfway. By now it was getting really stormy and it was hard to look out to sea with the rain and spray off the sea in my eyes.

There was no sunrise- just cloud and wind, rain and the magnificent sea, wild and untamed beating against the beach. Fuck the sun, this was brilliant!! I sat for a while in a little beach bar -The Black Rose, right by the sea and watched as it got lighter. There was one lightning bolt but no thunder, although I probably wouldn’t have heard it with the wind being so strong. After 30 minutes or so, I decided to head back to my hut to hang my clothes out to dry and finally get some sleep – So far tonight I have managed about 2 hours, but it has been a great night. Sometimes something just takes your breath away and this place certainly does that.

Its something I’m really glad I did on my own, but would love to share it with everyone, so if anyone on the bus reads this today (Tuesday 2nd Nov) then get your arses out of bed and get down the beach and join me early tomorrow morning. You will feel tiny and insignificant, but will have a sense of being somewhere special.

Sleep when you are dead.

I got out of bed just before 10am and went to the bar for a continental breakfast. Lisa was up and me her and Mills took a wander down the road to Harry’s place and met up with Bev'o, Donna, and Jaime. It was absolutely pishing down ans so we decided after mellowing out for a while, to go to the only place that seemed to have electricity – The Mercure hotel.

Its a really nice place with individual pools with each hut and we sat in the restaurant and ordered food for lunch with wine, beers and cocktails. The afternoon was great – drinking, messing about, going out in the rain every now and then and more drinking and messing about!! Soon, 4 hours had gone by and we were all a little drunk, but the thunder and lightning woke us all up as suddenly we were in the middle of the storm and we couldn’t hear anything but heavy rain and thunder!!

After we had all had too much to drink and eat we decided to rest, but ended up in the Blue Bar, from where Lisa had come last night. On the way the road that had been a puddle on the way 4 hour previously was now a full blown flood and was at least 2 feet deep! This rain was really really mad and doesn’t look like stopping soon! The owner of the blue bar 'Kai', is very very mad and recognised the girls from last night and invited them in like old friends. The tequila came out as did more beers and more tequila and we spent a couple of hours playing pool and dancing around like loonies. Bev had a kip at one point and soon after was behind the bar with Kai serving drinks!! It was one of those days!! The rain continued to get heavy and so me and Donna decided to head back to Home bay and to have an hour away from drinking and to catch up with everyone else.

Koh samui has been wet, windy and wild, but so have we!! Its been great and we still have 3 more nights here!!

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