Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scooby doo ending!!!!

Last night and today have been awesome.......

After my night out with the girls I returned to the resort bar with Donna and everything cheered up. The sun came out and everyone sat around in the baking hot sunshine, sunbathing and relaxing with cocktails till way past midnight.

We all skipped , jumped and sang our way to the early hours before falling asleep together on the warm sand that surrounds the island.

This morning we awoke to the sound of cicada and I looked around to see 25 people still sleeping with big smiles on their faces. One by one everyone woke up and took a dip in the warm calm deep blue ocean. It was just a beautiful day – The sun was strong and the beer was cold – It was paradise!Its now early afternoon and we are all sitting around in hammocks relaxing and drinking the free cocktails served by topless waitresses and a Brad Pitt lookalike for the ladies. I cannot believe this is real..........

Actually it isn’t – this is just a fantasy!!This is the scooby doo day!!

It is still raining, heavily!! The real story from last night and today is below...... Enjoy, keep reading and sent good vibes that tomorrow the sun will shine, I will win the lottery and the internet will be working!!!

Sometimes things just happen..........

Last night after my afternoon out with the girls I met up with most of the group on the bar/cafĂ© at the resort. Everyone was sitting chatting, eating and drinking, so I updated my blog, did some inter-netting and chatted with Teya, out Thai guide. Everyone in the group seems to be gelling really well due to the adverse weather and I ended up sitting with Awal, Michele and Jennifer Parsonage as they finished a three hour poker session. Michele eventually won the game and then we sat at another table and taught Maartje, Michele and others how to play gin rummy. It was a fun night and we managed to finish off the vodka that we had brought down from Bangkok. After a few more drinks and revealing conversation, I went to by bed and fell asleep wit a wry smile on my face. But as usual it didn’t last as I woke up early again and went back to the beach to watch the storm develop during the night. Eventually however I felt tired and went to my pit.

Just after 5am, I had a phone call again from Lisa, who had just got in from another night out!! She had a drink left, so I wandered down to her hut and sat with her chatting about life, the world and everything till 7am, when we had finished the beer! It was obviously too early for bed, so we took a walk down the road to try and find a shop that was open to buy fags for her and beer for me!

The road that we had walked down yesterday and had been slightly flooded was by now, completely covered by water. There is even marker tape crossing the road to stop people driving through the flood! It didn’t stop us wading through it though, in our slightly inebriated state!! At one point it was nearly waist deep, but it was safe and a lot of fun!! Even the dogs that had followed us both from the resort seemed to be enjoying the early morning dip and played with us as we splashed them.

Eventually we found a shop that had just opened for the day and bought fags, beers and rum!!

It was then a case of getting the dogs to follow us back home through the rain and rivers that were once roads! At one point we looked around and actually saw the sun beaming down at us, but as soon as it appeared it was covered again by mist and clouds and the rain started to fall.

Once we arrived back at B5, Lisa s hut, we sat and chatted again whilst watching the rain and drinking the beers. It was also a nightmare trying to light Lisa s soaking wet fags!! I was soaked by now and after a bit of persuasion, ended up wearing most of Lisa s spare dry clothes -haahaa!

Just before 10am, Mills turned up and reminded us of the time, so I went for a bit of continental breakfast, whilst Lisa finally got some sleep after her long long day out.

Most of the group had had a good nights kip and although I haven’t slept much in a couple of days I felt fine, but decided to head to my bed a rest till lunchtime. It was lush, just lying in my big warm bed, with the windows wide open listening to the thunder and the heavy rain as it fell outside.

As I said in yesterdays blog, this isn’t what we expected from our time here in Koh Samui. A lot of the girls have new bikinis bought especially for this place, but which are still in their bags and unlikely to see an inch of sunshine at least until we get top Bali in a couple of weeks. It has been really good for the group however to sit together and chat, find out secrets about each other and generally mess about. I for one hope that the rain continues to get wilder and heavier – I love the storms. At the moment we don’t know when we can leave – We are supposed to lave in two days, but roads around the island and the ferries are not working because of the floods and the rain. We are waiting for direction from Lana, Teya and the guys at Oz-bus HQ who are looking into what to do next! Usually I hate not to know what is going on, but at the moment I think it is just great. I could stay here a long while yet!!!


Its now just gone 2.20pm and its nearly dark!! We are all sitting around chatting and messing about. I have hung my wet clothes (after washing them) on the fan in my room, so my clothes will be dry, but my bed will be wet as every-time it spins around the drips off the shorts falls onto my sheets!!

I’m at a bit of a quandary – Do I sit here and get quietly drunk – go back to bed (I really need sleep) or just veg out with the group~!? I think I will do a bit of everything -Drink a bit, have a chat and then fall asleep at the table!”!

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