Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Michele Welcome back Liv!

So after finishing the blog post yesterday I made up my mind to watch the 3rd installment of the Girl with the Dragon tattoo movies - Lisa is also at the same stage of watching them, so I ended up round at her place, drinking rum and cokes, whilst watching the movie.
It was 2 1/2 hours long and with a few breaks for fags and to get some more drinks from the bar we finally finished watching it at about 7pm. The rest of the group were by now in the bar and we were surprised to hear a squeal and then a bang from outside - Michele had been shopping this afternoon and bought a big pile of fireworks and was setting them off in the resort garden!! We all spent a while messing about with him and at one point Mills was tempted to stick a mini rocket in Michele's builders bum! After that we all sat around 'chucking the fat'. It was a really good night, made even better by the fact that the power went down again and everyone had nothing else to do but drink and chat!! I put my mini torch into the top of a coke bottle and it worked very well as a table lamp! Someone managed to hook up an ipod to some speakers to give us some music and Teya, Michele, Lisa and Jennifer Parsonage spent a while dancing around in the dark.
The night flew by in a haze of booze and just after midnight there was only me, Michele, Teya and Jennifer Parsonage left. We eventually gave up and all headed off to bed in the early hours.
I had a really good kip last night as I had been up early the day before and was absolutely knackered.
This morning I had a well deserved lie in and could hear some of the group outside getting ready to go out for the day. The weather has cleared up a lot and although it is still wet and windy is it now possible to get out of the resort and down the road that was flooded for the last day or two.
When I eventually made it to the bar, just in time for lunch I passed Janet who was having a massage outside her hut. In the bar is Mark and Linda, who are just mellowing out on the internet and catching up on emails etc. Everyone else is either mellowing out in their pits or have headed off around the island on mopeds or in a hired car. At the moment we are sat at the table chatting and watching a local bird that has wandered into the restaurant and is chirping and staring at us as we eat lunch!!
This afternoon I'm planning on taking a walk down the road and actually trying to see some of Koh Samui before we leave tomorrow!!
Just as Im finishing this a stranger has walked into the restaurant!! Its Liv, who has been away for the last few days doing a diving course! Its really nice to see her back because we didnt know whether she would make it over to Koh Samui because of the floods!! We are now all back together and ready to move on tomorrow!
Today is also Michele's birthday, so no doubt it will be a good night!!

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