Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cat cake!!

This afternoon was fun. After a spot of brunch in the bar, I decided to finally take a walk out of the resort. Mark, Karen and Janet were also going out and I gave Jennifer Parsonage a knock at her hut to see if she wanted to come along. She did, so we all set off on a mission to find a local hotel, where Karen had been told they sell good flip-flops Hers were broken and she spent most of the next half hour limping around on one good flip flop. We didn’t know exactly where the Hotel was and we ended up in some kind of monks temple, where the monks were busy tidying up after the storms. Janet took control and asked a passing golf buggy driver from the big posh Hotel Mercure, where this other Hotel was. It turned out to be about 20 feet away down a track that none of us had noticed!! We reached the hotel reception quickly and Karens eyes lit up when she saw a rack of flip flops right there. She quickly made a good decision – bought herself and orange pair and with a big smile headed back along the beach with Mark and Janet. Myself and Jennifer Parsonage, decided to take a further walk so that JP could get herself some lunch. We walked a mile or so up to the main road, but all the small caf├ęs and bars were either empty or closed. After a quick stop to grab a can of deodorant I remembered about the Restaurant in Hotel Mercure and took Jennifer Parsonage back the way we had come to the hotel. We arrived to see that the Hotels underground garage had been flooded and water was being pumped out onto the road. We had to wade through the water to reach the Hotel, but it was warm and clean so we didn’t mind too much.

Once in the restaurant, I had a pepsi and chatted whilst Jennifer Parsonage had a lovely looking plate of fish and chips followed by Chocolate brownie covered in Hot chocolate sauce.

It was a nice lunch and with just us two and another couple in the restaurant it didn’t take long to finish off.

Outside the weather was getting hot and sticky, but was still cloudy and windy, so we were surprised to see some (Obviously English) holiday maker, trying to get a tan by the infinity pool!!

We finished lunch, paid and then Jennifer Parsonage and I strolled back along the beach, avoiding the coconuts, tyres, rope, trees and all the washed up stuff from the storms. We agreed that on a nice day, with blue skies, this place would be fantastic, but even as it was after the torrential rains and destruction of the last few days, it was still beautiful. We managed to take a few pictures on the way home and after arriving we met up with Lana in the bar who told us about dinner tonight at7pm, to celebrate Michele’s birthday. I will have to get out my retirement watch again!! Jennifer Parsonage and I then went our separate ways to start packing for leaving tomorrow and to get an hours sleep before it all starts again at 7pm!!

I was woken abruptly at about 6.30 by the sound of fireworks!! I don’t know who it was but after last nights antics I knew we would have some fun tonight. I went down to the bar for 7pm and was one of the last to arrive. Everyone sat round chatting and laughing while every now and then Michele went outside and let off some fireworks that had been bought by Stu for his birthday. Some of them were a bit lame with just a splutter and a fffffffft! But some of the others were loud and almost frightening! We were promised a good show later on by Michele and everyone sat down for dinner and a drink. Lana brought out a cat shaped birthday cake and a musical card for Michele and everyone sang the usual Happy Birthday, before he blew out the candles and cut up the cake for everyone to have a bit. Michele then went right around the group and gave everyone a big hug for giving him a great birthday treat.

Its now 9pm and we are still awaiting the massive fireworks display – Lisa has told us that she has a part in the show but we don’t yet know what it is. The only down point of the day is poor Bev'o. She has taken some anti biotic and unfortunately there was penicillin in them which she is allergic to and she has come out with a rash. We all wish her the best and a good recovery. Get better soon Bev'o.

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