Friday, November 5, 2010

My 100th Blog post!!

Blimey, I have now done 100 posts since I started this thing in June.
Wed are now all sat around at breakfast waiting to leave Koh Samui at 9 and get the ferry at 10.
The party last night started to die around 10pm and by 11ish, there were just the usual suspects left - Lana, Kenneth, Michele, Liv, Mills and me and Lisa were still there with a few videos on YouTube and listening to music. I missed the best part of the night when Michele put on someones bikini, but there must be photos somewhere. I then went to bed a left them all to it.
At breakfast, Mills and Liv are sat with me, Lisa and Kenneth, having a coffee. Liv is being a fanny and says she is knackered, whilst Mills is overheating and drinking water. Me, Lisa and Kenneth all seem OK though.
The sun has actually been out this morning, which is bloody typical. Its too late now to even get 5 minutes swimming the the sea, so we all have to come back here sometime and do it all again.

The next week or so might be a nightmare. We leave here today and head south through Thailand. After one night in Thailand tonight, we head into Malaysia and drive for a week down past Kuala Lumpur and towards Indonesia. We only have one night stays for the next 8 days. We don't yet know the hotel names either, so we have no ideas about Internet access, laundry or even where we are staying.
So if you don't see any updates on here for a while, don't worry!! I will be back online whenever I get the chance.

For now though, I will get off and say goodbye. I am nowe sat in front of Lisa who has a plate of eggs and bacon..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I will get myself some more food!!

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