Friday, November 12, 2010

A quick update for today -

We got up with the rain pelting down outside and were all on the bus to depart by 6am. Breakfast was a jam sandwich and a lump of 'green'. We don't know what the green was, but its suspected to be tapioca or something similar. I didn’t eat mine!

The 2 ½ hour drive to the ferry port turned out to be a 5 ½ drive in the end, as the main road to the port was closed, due to an accident somewhere. The road we actually took was as bad as some of those in India and was really busy with the extra traffic, but we eventually arrived at the port by midday. We noticed a half sunken boat just a few yards from where our ferry was docking and we hoped we wouldn’t end up the same way as our driver reversed the bus backwards onto the ferry.

We were all gathered at the back under a nice awning, away from the hot sun and I went to explore the boat and found a nice air conditioned lounge, with big soft leather sofas, so me Jennifer Parsonage and a few others ended up in there eating our lunch and watching a movie for the 2 and a bit hours the ferry took to get us to the island if Java.

We are now on the bus again and heading towards tonight’s stay which is supposedly a 6 hour drive away, that means that we will be arriving by 9pm tonight!!

Well, its now 4 hours after the last update and we are currently stuck in a traffic jam, just outside Jakarta. Its a nice looking city and just like Kuala Lumpur, it seems a shame just to pass through it without having a good look around or staying the night. I suppose its another place to stick on the ever growing list of places to come back to. Unfortunately we didn’t even get a chance to get off the bus and the 6 hour drive we were expecting is getting longer all the time. It it now looking like a 7-8 hour drive at least and we may just arrive in time for bed tonight. I have just asked if we could call the hotel and get some cold beers arranged for our arrival, but unfortunately it was laughed off! Don the tour leaders understand a growing boys needs!!!

We continued our long long journey and eventually arrived at our hotel just before 9pm. Its not bad, reasonably comfortable and quite modern – Best of all it definitely has cold beers as that’s the first thing I asked when I found the restaurant downstairs. I’m sharing with Michele again, which is great because we get on well and do our own thing – But he doesn’t snore, so I get a good nights sleep – Plus if there is football on the TV we are both happy!!

Right that’s enough for now – Its another 8 hour day tomorrow, but we are having a 2 night stay at a place called Pangandaran – Which is supposedly a nice beach resort – We will be able to get laundry done for the first time in a week and hopefully, weather permitting, get to laze on the beach for the day!!

Last minute update - The hotel did have cold beers - 4 of them!! I got the last one!! They are trying to get us some more!!!

Fingers crossed!

I cant wait to get to a resort that had bars - there are never any in these citys!!

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