Thursday, November 11, 2010

We waz robbed!!!

Last night we all met up in the hotel reception just before 7pm and loaded onto the bus for our evening out and a meal on the Floating restaurant. It was just a short drive away and when we arrived we could tell that it would be a good night, as the restaurant was really nice with a view over the river and towards a bridge which was all lit up with different coloured lights.

After ordering drinks the food was brought out. It was a buffet, with rice, fish, sweet and sour , beef and vegetables. There was plenty to go around and it was all really tasty. The entertainment was a karaoke style band who every now and then were replaced by a member of the crowd who sang a song of their choice. Matt and Awal were coaxed up from our group and did a couple of cheesy songs and then rejoined us until it was time to leave.

It was still early and so me, Liv, Michele, Jennifer Parsonage and Jaime decided to hang around a bit and walked along the river towards the a concert that we could see further down the bank.

On the short walk we came across a security guard who was stood next to what looked like a Humvee 4x4 vehicle, but the thing was absolutely massive. The girls stood by it and the height of the bonnet was bigger than them. The roof of the vehicle must have been 12-15 feet high. It was just the biggest vehicle I have ever seen. When we arrived we joined in a big crowd of locals who were listening to music being sung by a girl and her band on the stage. It was a good hour or so getting our pictures taken with all the local kids and watching the singer on the stage and on big screens. We were getting quite a lot of attention but it was all in good spirits.

After the singing finished one of the local kids told us to turn around and we saw a boxing ring all lit up and 2 female fighters about to start a bout. We moved closer to get a good look and more of the local kids started to take photos and a few posed with Jennifer Parsonage to get their pictures taken.

Not long after we decided to leave, but within a few seconds I realised that the button on my pocket was open and my wallet had been nicked!! Then damn kids had pick-pocketed me whilst we were messing about with them. I had about 300,000rupiahs (about £20) and 2 bank cards in there. Its stupid, because I very rarely take my cards out with me. It kind of spoilt what had been a really good day and a great evening out, but there’s no point in fretting about it, so we decided to head home.

It wasn’t a long walk back to the hotel, so we went straight back, ordered a beer in reception and I then grabbed my net-book from the room, so that I could get on Skype and ring the bank.

I managed to get through to them after a short while, cancelled my card and ordered a new one. Then I got through quickly to Caxton cards, who I have my global traveller card with and they did the same. After that little bit of hassle I rang home to my mum and dad and let them know to expect new cards through the post in the next few days. They also had a little chat with Jennifer Parsonage whilst I drank my beer and pondered about being such a knob! Haahaa!

It was getting near to midnight, so I quickly grabbed my 3rd bank card and got some dosh out of a nearby ATM, before going to bed.

I was up again just after 4am, as the Manchester derby was live on TV! It wasn’t the best of matches, but we drew 0-0 with city, so united are still unbeaten this season. It was then time to get up, pack my stuff and get onto the bus, as we have a long journey today and are leaving at 6am.

Breakfast consisted of a strange half toasted marmalade sandwich in the bus and then it was time to try and get a bit of sleep~!

The day was ok – we all managed a bit of sleep, watched another movie, had ourt sandwiches and biscuits expertly made by Jennifer Parsonage yesterday for lunch and in the afternoon at one point we were stopped by a local policeman who rode a scooter with a picture of daffy duck on and had graffiti all over his helmet!! We never found out what he wanted, but after 5 minutes chatting with the driver he got back on his scooter and rode off!!

We are now at the Hotel in Bandar Lampung - Its nice again, so time for a beer!

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