Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last of the summer Ozbus!!! BBC's new sitcom!!

It was yet another early start today, which was fine for everyone, even though me, Liv and Jennifer Parsonage had stayed up till half midnight having a quiet drink in the café (after the hotel manager got some more supplies in especially for us) and discussing plans for Australia. It is raining again today, but now that we have been on the road for a few hours, it is starting to brighten up a little bit, so we are hopeful for some good weather for this afternoon and tomorrow, as we have a nice hotel with a swimming pool and a beach just 20metres away.

Its another 3-4 hours drive till we reach Pangandaran, which will be our shortest day in quite a while. We are also looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow as we have a full day there before we move on again.

We actually arrived at the resort of Pandangaranagangdadadangrangarangadadagan just after lunch and as we got off the bus the rain started!! Typical!

We all ended up moving into our really nice, double bedded hotel rooms and them we headed out for a wander around the resort. Unfortunately it was really quiet and we wondered if we were the only tourists here as everyone we saw was either selling tourist goods or offering temporary tattoos.

Its a nice place though with a nice beach and eventually me, Jaime, Donna and Mills found a nice restaurant for lunch and had a beer at the same time. Later, I had a wander around and found a money changer that I could convert my dollars into the local currency (after my pickpocketing episode a couple of days back!) and the when I got back to the Hotel I was confronted by Jennifer Parsonage, who wanted to borrow a screw driver to fix her dodgy hair-dryer! We managed to break a couple of fuses before realising her hair-dryer was fooked and then joined a group with David, Helen, Donna, Jaime, Cristina and Isabelle to go out for dinner.

After a good walk we eventually ate at the Relax restaurant which was pretty good and filled us all up, before heading back to the Hotel watching the spectacular lightning out at sea, which seems to have gone on for hours. I did try to get some photos of it earlier, when I was out changing money, but have you ever tried to photograoh lightning!? Its a nightmare!!

After we had returned from our lovely dinner we then sat by the pool,drinking and generally having a good time! It was a really good mellow night and was made better when I got the result from Man United V Villa, when we were 2-0 down with 10 minutes to go but managed a 2 all draw!! We continued to mellow out around the lovely warm pook and had a swim and chatted till nearly midnight, just chucking the fat and hiccuping (Jennifer Parsonage till it was time for bed. Part of the conversation was about creating a sitcom about the characters on the bus and we all agreed that it woul dbe a TV hit!!!

Tomorrow most people are off out for a walk around the local National park, to see the monkeys, but it is a 9.30 start so we are al looking forward to a nice lie in as at the moment we are used t0 5.30 starts!

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