Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy days and body boarding

Its been another lazy day here in Bali. Last night a few of the bussers went out partying whilst some stayed in and recovered from their night of excess the previous evening and into the early hours.

Myself – I went out for a little bit of dinner with Jaime, Bev, Lisa, Janet, and Mills, before heading back to the Hotel and a quick sit by the pool where I met up with Michele, Liv and Jennifer Parsonage. They were off out for a bit of clubbing, but I had decided to head across the road to the sports bar, where I sat and watched the live football from the UK.

I went to bed about 1am, but haven’t slept properly since arriving in Bali and didn’t sleep well again. It was too hot, too many mossies and there is light coming in through the windows. So when I heard splashing from the pool about 2.30am, I went down to investigate and found Lana, Kenneth, Michele and Jennifer Parsonage all frolicking in the pool. I didn’t join in but sat with them for a while. Some of the others were returning from their nights out and people were drifting off to their beds. Michele was getting ready to head off out again 'to try and meet some Australian girls', when out of the blue and Australian girl turned up and joined them all in the pool. It seemed to make him happy and he was straight back into the pool to get to know her better!! I went to bed after a short while and still didn’t sleep well!

I actually made it up for breakfast this morning and then me, Janet, Lisa, Mills, Jaime, Isabelle and Amanda took a walk down to the beach to do a bit of body-boarding before it got too hot. We bartered a good price for the boards and then spent a good couple of hours trying to catch the waves. We all managed to catch a few, especially Isabelle who is a natural. At one point 4 or 5 of us all managed to get the same wave and rode it together to the beach, with big smiles all around.

Lisa had her nails done by on of the local women and then about lunchtime we headed back to the hotel top get the salt water off and then have a little bit of lunch.

I had a ckub sandwich by the pool and then found some shade, to try and get some sleep, but unfortunately it is beyond me! I dont know why, as I am knackered , but when I lie down all the noise, lights and stuff just prevent me from dropping off.

Its now gone 5pm and we are all meeting up at 7pm to have a meal and celebrate Cristinas birthday, so I will have to dig out the gold watch and set the time again before we go out./ I dont know how the night is going to end up as a few of the girls are planning on cocktails and clubbing, which sounds good - but I dont know if I will make it past 9pm!!

On another note, we are now only 1 day away from Australia! The last month of the trip has flew by, since the girls joined us in Kathmandu. Its only 2 weeks today till we arrive in Sydney and head off our seperate ways. It doesnt feel real, that we are all going to split up and the bus trip will be over!

I havent taken many pictures in the last couple of days, but once we hit Oz, Ill get my camera out again and put some more photos on here and on Picasa. Thats it for today - If the internet is working, ill try and do another update tomorrow!!

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