Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweaty madness Stroppy cow!

So last night we had dinner at 7pm - well most of us had dinner - I still hadn't had any sleep and so I nearlyfell asleep at the table. I nearly went back to my bed, but decided I would head out , with the gang for while - Me, Mills, Lisa, Jaime, Jennifer Parsonage, Michele. Janet and Liv sat outside the hotel room for a bit, drinking vodkas, rum and beers that we had bought from the local booze shop. Then after a while and a good chat we headed down the strip to carry on the motions. The first club we visited was fairly quiet, but that didn't stop us having a few shots and dancing. Jennifer Parsonage even got in to the dancers cage/podium for while to dance and pose.
The next stop was the reggae bar where a live band was playing and we finally managed to finish the vodka we had brought with us disguised as water in a water bottle. By now we were all hot and sweaty after dancing, but it didn't stop us as we headed off to a club just down the road.

On the way we were absconded by all sorts of locals in the street trying to sell us high energy tablets, viagra and also trying to pickpocket us!! We managed to stop one dude as he just had his hands in one of the girls handbags!! So watch out for that if you are ever in Bali!!

In the club it was great - mad but great. You didn't have to go to the bar to get served as waiters and waitresses came to where you were dancing with menus and delivered your drinks right there. There were loads of topless Aussie men dancing around so me and Michele were unceremoniously stripped of our tops by the girls (Thanks Jaime, can I have my shirt back please!? haahaa)and I spent the next 2 hours dancing topless like an 18 year old!! Michele nearly had his trousers removed at one point and spent a while dancing atop a chair. More drinks flowed and we sweated even more - it was really refreshing when one of the girls stole someones drink and threw the whole thing - vodka, whatever it was mixed with and ice all over me.I haven't ever been a dancer, but last night I was like a kid again - even though I was absolutely knackered.
After a long long while and after spending nearly all my money, the gang decided to leave, but Jennifer Parsonage was chatting with an Aussie guy, so I waited for her and then we made our way outside. Unfortunately we couldn't find the rest of the guys. We had a good look around and then headed back to the Hotel thinking that they had gone home. But when we got there, they were nowhere to be seen. Jennifer Parsonage had a dip in the pool, while I took a wander back down the road to find the gang. It was 2am and I was obviously drunk, but was still offered a rented motorbike by everyone I passed!!
The guys were nowhere to be seen, so when I got back to the hotel me and Jennifer Parsonage said goodnight and went to bed.
4AM and I was woken up by the door of my room banging closed. It was Michele who had just got back in and was off to the pool for a swim. It was raining really hard outside and me, Michele and Liv, who loves swimming in the rain, had a great time drinking and swimming in the pool, til Lisa turned up a while later with a burger!
We continued to chat about the night we had had, about the girls and lads that we had met and especially about some guy who according to Liv looked like a small Bob Marley! We stayed there till about5am and then all headed off to bed. It was a really good night and something I should do more often!! Cheers girls and Michele for dragging me out! I really should have gone to bed early, but I'm so glad I didn't!
Now I m sat in a bar with Jaime, Lisa and Mills, having a spot of lunch and a coke. Today is our last day in Bali, so we are all ready to leave the hotel at 7.30pm and head to the airport to fly to , DARWIN AUSTRALIA!!!

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  1. Hi Rick, sounds like you're having a craacking time on Ozbus 20. Don't think we are partying as heavy as you guys but you never know what will happen to us in Bali!! Thanks for the tips on booze....I certainly like my rum and tend to have a bottle in my possession at every stage.
    Enjoy Oz!!
    Nina - Ozbus 21