Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bali beach booze

Before I start today - a quick hello to everyone in the family who chatted to Gareth, Chris and Mum and dad at the funeral yesterday. Sorry I couldnt be there!!

A quick update on yesterday and today.

Early rise just after 5am, as we are due to leave at 6. We had a quick opportunity to take one last look at Bromo from outside the hotel before everyone loaded onto the local 'fun-buses', to take the short journey back down the hill towards the Indonesian Oz-bus itself. It was already warm at 6am, but everyone was monging it, due to the efforts of climbing and walking yesterday. Personally I think that only a few people should be monging it – Like me and the others who were the only ones to make it up both Bromo and Batok.

Anyway after reaching the bus and driving through the lovely green valleys we couldn’t see the other day because of the rain and mist – we loaded our bags back onto the Oz-bus and started the journey to Bali.

Breakfast was served, which consisted of 2 boiled eggs, cheese slices, bread and some little bananas – it was eaten real quick by most and then we begged out sleeping until our first stop of the day at the nicest service station I have ever been to! The place was immaculate and even had free wifi – but it it getting too hot and my arms, which are a little burnt from yesterday are hurting in the strong sun.

The day continued to be hot hot hot and as we crossed to Bali on the ferry we all sat in the shade of the boat eating a bit of dinner (Cheers to Donna for the cheese sarnies)

Then back onto the bus for another few hours trip and a movie until we reach the hotel for tonight and the next 3 nights in Kuta.

We arrived in Kuta itself about 5pm and after changing to minibus's to head to the hotel we eventually had our room by 7pmish. It was really great to meet up with Bev an Lisa again after 10 days apart. Bev looks so much better and it was great to see them both. I have missed them so much!!!!

After a welcome drink and unpacking, a four of us had a wander down the main street of Kuta. We wandered past the memorial to the Bali bombings from few years ago and then found a shop that actually sold decent spirits, even though they are quite expensive. We bought a bottle of vodka between us and then after a nice cheap dinner of noodles and rice we tried to find the beach – It was a nightmare as the roads meandered everywhere and we got completely lost, but eventually ended up coming across the beach completely by accident!

The four of us sat there for a few hours drinking the booze we had bought along the way and discussing everything from drugs to politics to sex! There were loads of other people on the beach drinking, chatting and having a nice mellow night out – a few also had fireworks that they let off every now and then. The conversation continued for a while and it ended up being a very enlightening night. After drinking the bottle dry and then having a midnight paddle, we headed back to the hotel and ended up in my and Michele's room listening to some quiet music and dancing for a while, before the girls headed off to bed and some well deserved sleep.

I went to bad after a while but not long afterwards I was woken by a phone call - ' Come to the pool, now!!'. It was Lisa and so I put on my swimming shorts and went downstairs to the pool area where I found her, Jaime and Mills, sat by the pool finishing off their night out. I joined in with them for a while but eventually we were told to get out of the pool and go to bed before we woke up any of the other hotel guests. Jaime and Mills did as they were told, but me and Lisa found a set of chair outside Mill’s' room and sat there chatting about what she had done whilst she was looking after Bev in Malaysia and then her journey with Bev to meet up with us lot here in Bali. We had a really nice chat, apart from when I poked her on her burnt leg (Sorry Lisa) and she gave me a well deserved slap in response. All too soon the sun was up and when we looked at the time it was just after 7am. I have really missed Lisa and Bev while they have been away and it great that they are now back with the group! But Lisa is a bad influence on me as she always keeps me up all bloody night!!! Haahaa!!

As I have had a let night I gave myself a good lie in this morning, my first one in 77 days of travelling! I actually got my arse out of bed just after 2pm and am now sat on the verandah outside my room overlooking the pool area. Its time I had a shower and went out to do a bit of shopping for food and try to try and buy myself a new wallet!!!

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