Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fire - Teach me to burn!!

There are a load new pictures on picasa, but heres a little selection!!!

On the way to the volcano crater
Ok then. You may have already seen my facebook status, but I really cannot describe the last few hours.
We decided (against advice) to have a walk from our base here at the Lava view Lodge, to the foot of Mount Bromo - A live volcano, with smoke erupting from the crater.

Me, Liv, Michele, Kenneth and Jennifer Parsonage headed off through a landscape similar to the moon, with volcanic ash all around and rocks that had been thrown from the volcano scattered around. It was a surreal experience and didn't feel like we were still on earth.

After about 35 minutes walking through the landscape we reached the steps that lead up to the crater and headed up towards the smoke that was billowing out.
Michele was first up to the summit and immediately came running back down - he claimed to be scared as he had seen lava - we didn't believe him but when we reached the top steps we were just awestruck. Below us, no more than 50 metres away was a sight that was unbelievable. I don't know the technical term, but lava/magma and flames were erupting from a hole in the earth - It was like something from a Hollywood movie. Without doubt it was the most awesome any of us have ever soon. When Jennifer Parsonage and Liv arrived a minute later they could not believe it. I thought it would be unbearably hot, but it was really just a warm glow from behind us.
I have described the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple and Mount Everest and unbelievable and having no words to describe them, but you can add them all together, paint them pink, double it and then add the London on new years eve, all my birthdays and you would still not come close to the awesome feeling that we all had watching this most natural of events. Quite simply it was fucking unbelievable (The word fucking has always been used to emphasise something, but in this case doesn't come close to doing it justice.) It was the most awe inspiring thing any of us have ever seen and none of us will ever forget it. We stayed a few minutes taking pictures and a video (see my facebook) and left as it was getting dark. But as we left we heard what sounded like gunshots from the volcano and a fork of lighting lit the air around us. Fucking hell!!!

We walked back across the lunar landscape laughing and joking about our near death experience.
On arriving back at he hotel, we showed our pictures and photos to everyone else before a really good dinner. I think a few people may be a little bit peeved that they didn't come with us.
We feel like adventurers - Me Michele, Liv Kenneth and Jennifer will never forget this afternoon.

It was the experience of a lifetime, but tomorrow we may just do it again!!!

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