Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some pictures from this week

Its a long bus day today a we head towards Mt Bromo. It is a hot hot day and the bus is boiling. Its a good job we have air-con. There’s not been a lot happening except for when we had a mid morning rest and a few of the girls found cute little cornetto ice creams, about the 3rd of the size of real ones!! Also Michele, who loves his meat, had an ice cream named after a cow and with a pattern like a fresian. He hoped the white bits would taste of milk and the brown bits of beef, but unfortunately, it was just ice cream!

At the next stop the most exciting thing to happen was Chris buying himself a luminous polis (Police) jacket and wearing it to board the bus. Not bad for £3.

That’s about it for today so far. Later on we are swapping our big bus for 3 or 4 minibus's as we hit the local roads towards Cemoro Lawang and our hotel on the edge of a Volcano. Then it should be an early night as we are up before 3am to climb the volcano for sunrise.

Just a quick note to say that as soon as I finished writing the last paragraph, the sun dissappeared and its all cloudy – Looks like there's a storm brewing!! Also the driver has had to turn the air-con off to give an extra bit of power to get up a steep hill!! Blimey its hot!

We have just arrived - Bloody hell, it has cleared up and theres a fookin big volcano (Mt Bromo, spewing dust and cloud into the air just a mile away - It is unbelievable -everyone is in awe - it is amazing...... Photos soon....

Liv and Michele in the rain at Borodur

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