Monday, September 27, 2010

Wait wait wait

Ok, Its getting on towards quarter past 6 and we only have another two hours till we get picked up for the bus to Istanbul. Its been a quiet day, spent by the pool.
We thought it was going to be a big disappointment this morning as it was cloudy and looked like a storm was coming, but just after 11.30 the clouds cleared and we managed to get a few hours rest by the pool, swimming, having a cold drink and sleeping in the shade.

I have a slighty sore chest this morning too, as I decided to let Lisa wax it for me today! Haahaa! It did hurt a little, but as I have such strong hairs, she couldnt pull them all out with the wax strips, so I ended up shaving the rest of my chest in the shower before we started swimming.

This afternoon Tristan, who we met on the boat trip, left to continue his solo journey. He is now heading towards Bodrum and then Egypt -Have a good one mate - hope to catch up with you in Sydney in the new year! Hope you manage to meet a few brits instead of all the aussies!!

Now Lisa and Awal have nipped into town to get some scoff and I have taken over the tv and reception here in the VGO hotel. I have already emptied my bag and re-packed it - which surprised Rani from the boat trip as she though I was moving onto the sofa - Its now all ready to go.
Its going to be a long couple of days - 12 hours to Istanbul overnight, before 6 hours in the city, then to the airport about teatime tomorrow. Then we have a flight to Delhi, via Dubai -that takes 12 hours including a 4 hour stopover. Then after another 4 hour wait in Delhi, its then finally a 1 hour flight to Amritsar. We get to the hotel in about 2 days and then have a 12 hour wait till the Ozbus family gets back together again!! I hope they remember who we are!!

No photos today im afraid - Theres only so many pictures of me, Lisa and Awal vegging around that you want to see!!
If you aint seen all the pics yet, there are about 900 now, in the picasa link on the left - including some of Frankies and Beckys Pics -

I'll be back on here when I get the chance - Dont know when or where that will be!!

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