Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bus to Istanbul - and old friends

After a long wait yesterday, we were finally picked up just after 8.30pm and taken into the bus station at Fethiye for the overnighter to Istanbul.

After a little confusion over tickets – Awal had been given all three tickets but didn’t realise, neither did me and Lisa!! We got on the bus and headed off. Awal didn’t want to share, and managed to have two seats to himself. Jammy bugar.

It was a quiet journey – Lisa and Awal sleeping most of it and me watching a movie on the TV screen in the seat back – It has a usb port so I could watch a movie off my hard drive. The bus also has wifi, so we could check up on the net and stuff!

After a couple of stops and new flavours of menthos, we are now just crossing the bridge into Europe again at Istanbul. We have a long wait here, till we are taken to the airport this afternoon.

That’s it for today, not much to say about the day itself, so here’s a few things I have learnt from the last 3 weeks -

Mentos are cool and come in lots of flavours.

If you fart, burp, cough, sneeze, scratch your arse or go to the toilet on a Turkish gulet – everyone else on the boat knows about it in 5 seconds!!

I can swim better with flippers.

Always check you have your power cables (See day 2)

Everyone snores – including me!

Girls like to spoon and cuddle more when on a trip!

Bus travel is cool

I can sleep anywhere (I knew that already!!)

Parts of Bulgaria are still in 1975.

Latvian bus drivers are cool!!

Balloons don’t need to go high to scare people.

Dont jump in hotel pools with trainers on.

Turkish people are normally late, but get annoyed when their bus gets delayed!

Hungarian waiters can be knobs.

Hungarian bands in restaurants are cool!

One sausage dumpling is enough.

Getting a chest wax doesn’t hurt as much as I thought.

I don’t miss Coronation street!

Blogging takes a lot of time.

I am definitely quite strange!!

Older people are cool!

Cameras that do panorama pics are cool!!

40 is not old

Europe is not that big.

Wasps like clean water but not salt water.

Boat captains do not understand AC and DC power.

The call to prayer is cool!!

Istanbul is very busy – but very cool!!

A garden shed with a bed inside is now called a 'Tree house'.

Bus drivers in Turkey are very strange.

It costs 2 lira to take a picture of a camel (Unless you have a zoom lens)

Three weeks on a bus is easy!!

Hi to everyone who is following this to keep in touch with friends on the bus – We will be back off our holibobs and back on a new bus in India in two days!! Cant wait to see the family!!

Later dudes!!

Just to finish off – we are now sat, once again in the Hostel bar in Istanbul – We didnt have a bus to pick us up at the bus station, so after a few discussions, we decided to get the metro and after a while, we got off near the blue mosque and found Indigo travel. After a quick drink of water we got our shower kit and made our way back to the Orient – After mentioning that we are part of Ozbus, we got the internet connection, power to charge phones and are allowed to use the showers!! A couple of hours here and its then off to the airport and India!!

Im just posting this and now Rochelle and Boris Johnson, from the treehouses, we met last week are here! So its the first of the old - backpackers meeting up all over the world!!

Backpacking is cool!!

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