Monday, September 27, 2010

Boat updates part 2 of 2 - Snookie and Nookie

Heres the continued boat exploits......

Dinner last night was really good, fresh veg, chicken and the fish that had been caught earlier in the day. Even though we were all knackered we sat around for ages chatting about all sorts of shite and then going through the tunes on peoples Ipod. Most of the gang had gone to bed about 10 ish but me, Lisa, Awal, Tristan, Kim and El stayed up a bit longer and ended up sleeping on deck again, Tristan and Kim cuddling up, while I did the same with El. It was a windy night so we had to keep warm somehow!!

This morning we all had a lie in and we arrived in Butterfly Valley in time for breakfast. It was then off exploring the valley – We walked about a kilometre, to find a waterfall. It was hard going with climbs up rocks and at the end, a rope climb up the waterfall itself. Me, Tristan and Awal went up it for a look. However for a while only me and Tristan came down as Awal had gone exploring off the map! Eventually he came back down and we all made our way back to the bay and a swim before lunch. We also started climbing the rope holding the boat and I nearly managed to get in through the girls cabin window! Haaha! Three of the gang including Lisa got stung by wasps – Lisa squealed a bit loud when she was stung, but braved it up later when she admitted her mossie bites were worse than the wasp sting was. By now, Awal had realised that Kim looked like a TV character he knows, called Snookie, so the girls became known as Snookie 1 and Snookie 2. The themselves decided to join in and Awal became known as Nookie!! Kim, isn’t tallest of girls, but she has a loud voice -For the next 2 days all we kept hearing was Noooookie!!!

After lunch we set off for Olu Deniz. It wasn’t a long way, but I managed time for a hand wash of mine and Lisa s sunbathing stuff before we started to watch Zombieland on the net-book. We didn’t finish it by the time we arrived and everyone was straight off the boat and into the water again. Tristan was straight up the cliff to a ledge about 30feet up – He then took Awal (Nookie) and Kim (Snookie 1) up there too, to jump off into the sea. It was a good hour spent in the bay snorkelling and messing about – even the Ice cream man turned up in his little boat, unfortunately some of us were put off by his prices though. Too bloody expensive!

We set off a short while later an then anchored in a large bay a mile or so away. Its the busiest place we have been so far, with loads of geezers trying to sell us trips on a banana boats and jet-ski's. - The American contingency are really happy though, as a woman has just pulled up beside us selling pancakes and chocolate!! Bloody hell! At least there isn’t a McDonald’s boat!! I don’t want to sound an arse, but this is a bit annoying. We have had a great three days on the boat, being left alone to amuse ourselves and suddenly we are in a tourist trap with loads of other boats and people trying to make a quick buck. I suppose its not to bad and I know they all need to make a living – but personally Id prefer somewhere quiet.

After a while the traders left us alone and we all sat at the back of the boat playing daft games, with dice and cards. It got a bit frenetic but was fun and I even managed to win the first game of 1-100 or 3whatever it was called. Lisa sat at the front of the boat and did all the girls nails, which was good because at the start of the trip, she asked if she could do mine if no one else wanted them doing! I think now she is happy and might not want to do mine! You never know though, we still have 2 months of the bus trip left.

Tonight will be another 'quiet one'. Which may turn out to be a bit more. Depending if they have any wine left or not!! We shall see.

Here we go again!! That was 36 hours ago, so Ill fill you in on what has happened since – They did have wine left – so we (or more truthfully – me) drank it! I must admit, that I may have had a tiny little bit too much wine....haahaa! I have been told that I talk a lot when drunk and that’s what happened the other night. By all accounts it was a good night though and we all ended up kipping on deck again. That was really useful for curing a hangover though as all I had to do was roll over the side of the boat and into the sea to sober up.

It was then our final day on the boat, so we headed towards Fethiye, stopping for lunch on the way in yet another nice little bay. This one, though had a water-slide on the beach, so me and Awal put on flippers and swam the 500-600 metres to shore to have a go. It turned out that the slide had no water and was pretty slow – But Awal found a bucket and before long, we were at the top of the slide – throwing water down it, before jumping in and sliding down. The local kids also joined us and every time we went back up, they were right behind ready to slide down again. We left later and handed the bucket to the kids so they could carry on.

Back on the boat we had lunch and then docked in Fethiye harbour. Goodbyes were said and a few took photos and swapped email and facebook details. Lisa, Awal and me, were met by a bloke from the tour company and given bus tickets for our overnight bus to Istanbul, before being dropped at the Vgo hotel for the night.

Lisa and me wandered into town while Awal relaxed in the hotel. Its a nice little relaxed place and we liked it straight away, however Lisa did have a strange experience when she visited a beauty parlour – enough said about that!! We also picked up a News of The World andsome magazines for the Ozbussers to read in India.

We sat in the hotel bar catching up on stuff, when the two snookies and then Tristan turned up, so together we had a walk back to town and sat in a nice little street cafĂ©, where we had some kebabs for dinner – a bargain at just 3 Turkish lira. It was then goodbye to the girls again as we and Tristan headed back to Vgo, for an early night.

It was hard to sleep though as the room was hot, the beds really hard and outside the window is the pool, which has a little water sprinkler system running permanently – That, and the noise of the water in the cistern in our bathroom, meant that all I could think about was going to the toilet all night! I wish I had got my earplugs out.

Today, we have most of the day here to relax, do our washing and then we get picked up at 8.30pm, to go to the bus station and a 12hour overnight bus back to Istanbul! Joy of joys!!

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