Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That there Prague - Thats right I said Prague!

OK then - Today is the day after the last day. I thunk its Wednesday.

So we all met up this morning after breakfast (I actually didn't have breakfast as I went on a run into Prague instead, did about 3-4 miles, but not sure how far cos of all the underpasses and backtracks!- How sad eh!! Anyhoo, we all met up and jumped onto the number 12 tram into town to take the free tour of the city. However, it soon became apparent that, like buses , the trams go both ways and - yep - we were going the wrong way! We were sure enough, when we got thrown of the tram at the last stop and were not even on the map, never mind in the centre of town. After a few glances at the street maps however we saw there was an underground station nearby that ran into town and so we all piled down to it and after a bit of map reading managed to find the square for the tour just before 11.... This meant that we also saw the absolutely magnificent spectacle of someone blowing a horn on a balcony!! Fook me, it was the highlight of my life so far - Obviously the 1000 or so people in the square also thought so, pictures of the crowd HERE

So we started the tour with our American guide -Jeff. He was a good geezer and in between super quick, funny stories about the history of Prague, its buildings and people we were treated to advertisements about his pub crawl!! It was actually done very tongue in cheek and made the tour even more entertaining. He showed us a lot of stuff including Wenceslas square, the town hall and a church that has a severed arm hanging on the wall. I KID YOU NOT! Picture below!!!

Alright it doesnt look much -But I promise you - its aa arm - in a church!

So after 2 hours the tour ended and we all went back to the severed arm church, but it was locked - so we had a but of lunch in a local Australian bar and finally got to see the arm and the rest of the church later!

The rest of the day was spent touring Prague's sites including the clock tower - this time we decided to try and catch the horn show from inside the tower, so we all sprinted up the many stairs and ramps to the top only to be blighted right at the death, by - would you believe it - traffic lights on the stairs!! Anyway, the views over Prague were spectacular including a view of a 6 person wheeled red bicycle thing spotted by Becky - It is now the best thing she has EVER seen! Its also on one of the photos that above - can YOU spot it!!?

After that we lost a few people, but spent the rest of the day walking the river, doing bad impressions of germans and northerners (Well Becky and Frankie did anyway!! ) AAAAAALLRIIIGHT AAARRR KIIID etc, also we spent time looking at the many pictures of which Becky wanted to buy them all, we walked the old bridge and climbed the hill to the castle - Again you cant say anything but 'spectacular' about the buildings and architecture. We had a little show as the guards changed and I had to show my military prowess to Frankie, who asked if I too could still march! Becky and Frankie were getting cold by now, so Frankie pulled on her coat and hood, while Becky dressed up in her military camouflage outfit!! Sorry again Becky!!;-)

We finished the day with a tram ride home (The right way this time) and it was uneventful apart from a local complaining that I shouldn't stand on his foot - sorry dude!

After a quick cold swim, it was then back down to the cafe/bar for tea and biscuits!!

That's it - another day done - Tomorrow - Vienna? or is it Budapest?

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