Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oooooooh Viennnaaaaaaa - or at least how we got there!

Its day 5 today and we are heading off to Vienna – I’m glad of a day on the bus – As much as I have enjoyed Prague and after a great day out yesterday, its nice to have a rest and sit down again.

Before I start though here’s a bit of 'Czech' for you to translate to get a feel for the country we have just left....

(IJsem tak ráda, že jste se rozhodli přeložit to! Nechtěl jsem si, že byste obtěžovat. Byl jsem trochu nudil, když jsem napsal dnešní blog. Každopádně dobrá práce pro získání takhle daleko. Slibuji, že budu dělat tento jazyk překladu věc opět brzy, v jiné zemi, jen příště to bude správné malé překvapení! Nyní si gratulovat, že jsem tak chytrý, a pokračovat ve čtení blog !!)

Last night ended well, as a dance contest started between Frankie, Matt and Alan, which ended up with nearly everyone on the dance floor and a few random dance moves being thrown – Being old, sensible and absolutely crap at dancing I chose to stick to my beer.

It was also our last night in Prague, so everyone left the change from their Czech money on the table in the bar and quite sensibly (and because we already knew we would need it tomorrow.) Becky took it and put it into her purse for safe keeping.

Most of the group left the bar just before midnight – except the two American lads who were last seen throwing moves on the dance floor with a couple of good looking girls who were also staying at the hostel!Next morning it was breakfast followed by the usual rigmarole of getting on the bus and trying to grab a special seat – Its just human nature I suppose and I am guilty of it, but we do tend to gravitate towards the same seats or area of the bus all the time and hope we don’t have to share – The little comforts of stretching out and doing your own thing makes the journey easier. Its only fair though that everyone shares now and again – so hopefully it will all even out over time.

Lana introduced us to the rules of the bus today -No hanging washing out on the seats, no farting on the bus (Too late for most of us I think) and finally if you are late you have to sing for bus. Should be fun next time someone’s alarm fails or they have a late night!

So it was off to Vienna, via a small church in The Czech Republic that had been decorated with the bones of dead bodies. This was the surprise that me and Becky knew about from last night and Becky had saved the money for, but most of the bus didn’t know about it till we were nearly there.Dem bones dem bones them dry bones

Dem bines and a baby with a trumpet - of course!

Ozbussers look at dem bones and discuss the good and bad points of licking a 2 hundred year old skull

After the driver and Lana had a slight bit of navigational confusion followed by the now obligatory 3 point turn in the middle of the road, we arrived at the church, once we had gone through all the change we had and passed around coins to everyone for their entry we spent a good 20 minutes looking around the church – apart from one unknown person who decided it would be funny to 'get up close and personal' with one of the skulls – (Probably because the girls who he had been dancing with last night didn’t let him!!)

Soon it was time to get back on the bus and we shared around a big pile of sweets that Lana had bought with the last remainders of the Czech money. It was then a couple of hours drive to the border with Austria.We stopped just a few hundred yards short of the border, when we saw a children’s play park – 'Excalibur Land'. It had large knights on horses, dragons and a large purple airplane parked in the car park, which turned out to be a restaurant. It also had KFC!

So we all piled off for lunch – some to KFC and others for a sandwich. All too soon it was time to get back on the bus and we all made it in time. A couple of people even managed to do some power shopping for swimming gear.

Then it was across the border to Austria accompanied with the now obligatory beep of the horn from the driver!

Then on to Vienna – it wasn’t far and after a short tour of the city to find somewhere to park, we all wandered up to the hostel and got our rooms.

We then went down to the bar for a cheap beer and to listen to what can only be described as 'A NOISE' I think it was some kind of drug induced chillout tunes, but soon it was replaced with something much better.


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