Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just a quick one - updated today!!

Not much time today and no photos,
So heres a quick update of whats happened so far.....

I forgot to write about Ernest, who we met yesterdayWhilst we were looking around the castle, a nice old German came to speak to us and asked if we had seen the special footprint....We said no, so he led us towards the middle of the courtyard, where there was a footprint in one of the flagstones. He told us that the footprint comes from when the king came home early one afternoon and his wife was with one of the footmenThe footman had to jump out of the window and this is where he landed before running off..... It was a good story and Ernest then continued to tell us another about the lions heads on the building. There are 8 lions heads in total and all have their mouths closed except one. Ernest explained that this was because it was a female lioness and like women, then dont shut up!! With that, Ernest gave a wry smile and slowly walked off! What a cool old fella!

Today, we had a good german breakfast and headed off towards prague – 500km away in the Czech Republic. First though we had to walk down to the bus, which wasnt too bad with the light rain, but we also had to squeeze past the local binmen, which stunk!!

Anyway, we all got on the bus and started off, just after 8am. The journey was another good oneGummi bears were passed around, a rubiks cube came out from Kenneth and we spent a while teaching Frankie how to start solving the thing.

We reached the border with the Czech about 2pm ish and after changing money at one of the many exchange we sat and had lunchWell some people did, while others slyly ate their doggy bags taken from breakfast! Gypsies!! haaahaa! The food didnt look too good, but when Michele let us all have a taste of his meal, it was really nice – Dumpling type bread and a nice slightly spice meat dish.

Then after conversations that shouldnt really be mentioned, it was back on the bus towards Praha.

….....Thats it for today, but as a preview of tomorrow there will be a lost bus, swimming and someone staring at a wall

To complete last night post here's the bits I missed...

We finally arrived in Prague about 4pm, but due to dodgy roads and a bridge that wasnt highe enough for our bus to pass under we spent a while driving around the city...We even had to do a 3 point turn in a small lane beside the river when we trook a wrong turning. About half an hour after Lana had announced we were nearly at the Hostel, we finally arrived. After unloading the bus and walking in we saw a great Hostel, big clean, free internet and large en suite rooms. I ran into Becky and Frankie in the corridor and they then told us of a swimming pool too!! So we all got changed quickly and went downstairs oto the pool, where we messed about, playing sharks in the chilly water. We had a quick sauna too even though it was only as hot as a warm day!

we sat and used the internet and while Becky was waiting, she sat in a chair between the two internet terminals - the terminals however were 10 feet apart and when Becky tilted her head to the side to read a poster on the wall, from behind, me and david thought she looked a bit like a window licker, sitting staring at the wall!! heehee! Sorry Becky! At least we didnt get a photo!!

The night was spent chatting over dinner of pizza or chicken and a few drinkys, while a few of us stood watching the England game on an internet feed on the tv behind the bar.

Everyone seems to be getting on better every day and we are all off out today (Its Today now, dont know what day it is, but it is definitely today!) for a tour of Praha.

I hope it continues like this as so far it has been great!!

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