Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 2 Hedielberg

The first nights sleep wasnt too good – It wasnt the hostels fault, even though it was quite noisy outside and we had the windows open. I just couldnt sleep until gone 3am.
Anyway, I woke up and got out of bed in time for breakfast at 7, which consisted of the smallest bowl of cornflakes and a couple of slices of toast and jam. It was ok though as I don’t normally eat brekkie. We all packed our kit after eating an got on the bus in time for an 8am departure towards Heidelberg. Unfortunately after 5 minutes some idiot ran to the front of the bus to tell Lana, that he had left his phone and laptop charger plugged in back at the hostel. So the bus drove back around Brugge and stopped just outside the city walls. I then got off the bus and ran back to the hostel to get them – Yep, it was me who had forgotten them! Bugar It was only about a mile back to the hostel, so I made it back to the bus in about 20 minutes and we finally headed off.
We had a good laugh on the journey talking about all sorts – like old teachers from school, what boring conversations we can start in a few weeks and even about tying down elephants by their four feet!! We stopped for a break after 2 hours after passing Brussels and again for lunch at about 2pm. Then arrived in Heidelberg at about half 5 ish

View from Heidelberg castle


We climbed off the bus and up the hill towards todays Hostel - Its a bit bigger than last night but there are only 4 showers and toilets between 28 of us, plus other backpackers!! Should be fun!

We had a good wander around town, some of us climbing up the hill to the castle while others headed straight for the gummi bear shop - we then met up for dinner in the beergarden of the hostel after a few of us had been down to the river to see the heidelberg monkey and take a few pictures.

Dinner was nice - mainly german schnitzels and a few plates of salad and ravioli - with the added bonus of wine and beers!

Then it started to get chilly so the money for dinner was collected (by me, i volunteered!!) and we all headed into the bar where laptops/netbooksand ipadsall came out while we continued to add to facebook/hotmailand blogs - we had a couple of drinks and discussed why there was no 'dirt' yet on here......... its because theres no dirt to add yet.... but dont worry Lana, if it happens it will be on here soon careful, very careful!!!!

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