Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day one........

I was up at 5 ish, well I was actually awake about 4 and couldnt get back to sleep...So I had a quick shower and left the UJC just before 6 - it was still dark!
I crossed the Thames and got a few great pics of the sunrise over St Pauls and the City....London
There wasnt a bus waiting, but I saw someone with a backpack and made my first Ozbus friend - Isabelle from Germany.... Over the next half an hour other ozbussers arrived and made friends - People who have been chatting on facebook recognised each other, while others just said hello and made new friends. The bus arrived with Lana aboard and after a few photos, we left the embankment just after 7am - minus Michele - The italian dude had problems with the tube and managed to catch up with the bus behind waterloo and got a round of applause as he finally boarded the bus just after half 7.
The OzbussersMore Ozbussers

We arrived at Dover and boarded the ferry after waiting for everyone to get their Costa Coffees!! The ferry was Ok, a few of us found the outside bit and watched as Dover disappeared and others joined the queue for breakfast - I had a salmon sandwich and pan au chocolat and read the news of the world as well as taking a few photos of tourists (For them)
We arrived in Calais, left the ferry and headed towards Brugge (Bruges?) On the way Lana had covertly got a birthday card for Bev, who's Birthday it is today, so we all signed it without Bev seeing - Not! She may even have signed it herself!!! haahaa!
We arrived in Bruges after passing a few old haunt's that I have passed hundreds of times and after walking from the bus to Charlie Rockets, the hostel for the night we put our bags into our rooms - I'm sharing with Matt and Alan, two good lads from the US of A and Michele, the italian dude!! The girls were next door, but when we left they couldnt lock their dorm, so I helped them to move their bags into our room for security before they were given another room!!

Me, Chris, Matt and Alan then had a wander into town to have a look around - we climbed the church tower and took a few photos before having our first drink of the trip (I had a coke!!! )The view of Bruges square from the tower

Another view of Bruges

We then continued to wander aimlessly around Bruges, just getting to know each other and having a mellow afternoon........ Until we came across another square - Wher ethere were loads of stalls giving away free samples of lovely dutch and belgique cheese!! We spent a good 40 minutes going from stall to stall taking it in turns to get free samples!!! It was lovely!!

We had another wander around to walk off the cheese and then returned to the Hostel around 6ish to meet up with the guys who had been on the bike ride - We chatted about what we had all got up to during the afternoon and then split up again for dinner - I stayed in the hostel and decided to have a beer and do this blog -thats where I am now!! W have done a few ghost stories and are currently chatting about fires and bamboo!!!

Its been a a great day so far - Everyone has got on. Some people want to talk, others are good to listen, but as a group it seems great - Only 91 days to go........ Tomorrow up early, breakfast at 7am and depart at 8 for Heidelberg!!

More to follow...................


  1. Great stuff mate!! Proud of you. Sounds like a good bunch. Speak soon! Gareth

  2. Take Care Bro and enjoy the trip.. Chris

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