Saturday, September 4, 2010

T minus 1.....

I had to add one more photo!!! Cheers Gareth and Trace!!!

Well its been a good last day and a bit.......

I finally got my kit sorted yesterday and had a nice surprise when James got home for work with a crate of beers and the news that he had the morning off work and could drop me off at the bus station. Cheers mate you are a leg!

James ready to drive me to the bus station!!

I got a picture of me with my backpack and all ready to go then, James drove off and I was on my way!!

James driving off and leaving me on my own!¬! Nice!!

I was booked on the National Express down to that London - But first we had to find the driver - The bus was there with its door open, but no driver anywhere! The girl next to me in the queue told me that last time she had travelled on the bus, the driver had locked himself in the toilet - I climbed aboard the bus to check it out, but he wasn't there!!

He turned up a few minutes later and we were off......... Until some daft woman jumped in front of the coach , with her kids, carrying balloons!! Seemed she had missed the bus and wouldn't get out of the any until the driver let her on.

It was a good journey down to London, with me pointing out the sites to s group of girls who were on their way to London for a birthday weekend -

Milton Keynes, Wembley and Marble arch along with Lords Cricket ground were the highlights!!

A bus!!

That was it - I got off at Victoria, jumped on the tube and arrived at the hotel (ujc) mid afternoon.... After a wander around London and a peek at the Olympic stadium, I went back to the hotel to get an early night for a 5.30 start tomorrow!!

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