Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 days till I leave....

Its Thursday I think - I'm not too sure unless I think about it, as all the days are beginning to gel into one!

After the short stay in Skegness it was back to Northampton and a final night out with Gareth, Trace and James.

We went down to a nice country pub - 'The Brampton Halt', where we had a couple of beers and a nice meal - James was kind enough to drive, so Gareth could enjoy a beer. He did however drive a little too fast at times though and when he parked his car he banged the underneath of it driving down a small kerb! Doh

Me Gareth and Trace at 'The Brampton Halt'

The day after the night out Gareth and Trace got ready for their trip down to Cornwall for a short end of summer holiday and I continued to get my stuff ready for my short trip. I'm now starting to throw stuff away that I don't need - I'm down to 4 t shirts from about 10 but I still have far too much shite!!

I got up early on Wednesday to see Gareth and Trace off on their holiday and then went back to bed. I was up early myself later on though as I went into town and jumped on a Train for a night out in Redditch.
The nigh was at the pub quiz in The Bramley pub..... We had been to a couple of quizzes earlier in the summer there and noticed that everyone we decided to do the same and see how we did - So me, Neil, Dan and a couple of others sat in a quiet corner and cheated through the quiz - It wasn't that hard though and we fooked up when we put the red sea instead of the dead sea as an answer to a question - It was in a round where you lose all your points for one wrong answer, so we lost the quiz!! If we had checked the answer we would have won the quiz by about 3 or 4 points!! Bugar.

After the night out it was back to Northampton and had a wander around to look closer at the lift tower and took a few photos.

Lift Tower -Northampton

After my wander around I went home and started to tidy myself up - I had my first shave in 3 weeks and also got my hair cut - Unlike some kid who was in the hairdressers and wouldn't let the hairdresser near him without screaming...

Here's before and after pictures!!


Neat and Tidy.

After all that there isn't much left to do - One lot of washing and then I can pack my bags.......I leave for London on Saturday morning.......

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