Sunday, August 29, 2010

Halifax, Nottingham and Skeggy!!!

It was a reasonably quiet week this week. I’m nearly all sorted for the trip, so early in the week I had a run every day and generally vegged out, apart from when I went into town to pay my money from the sale of my car into Halifax.
I have a web saver account, but as it has a sort code and account number, I didn't foresee any problems paying cash in...... However when I arrived and asked to pay in my money I was told 'I'm sorry, but as its a web account we definitely cant do it here, you must pay it in online!!', after I pointed out that I had cash and couldn't pay that online on my computer, the girl looked confused and asked her boss, who said the same - 'We cant do it, no way!'. I asked just how I was supposed to do it then and why they couldn't do it, even though I had all the account details......

She asked for my surname and postcode and then said - 'OK, do you have the cash now? We can do it now......!' WHAT THE FUCK!!! 2 minutes ago it was 'Impossible!!!' I gave them the money and it was paid in in less than 30 seconds!! What a palaver!! At least it is now paid in. I left with a weird smile on my face... haahaa!!

On Thursday I had my final eye exam after the eye surgery in June and my eyesight is now great. I also enquired about my military discount and was happy to hear that I would get back £400!!! Nice!!! I decided to walk/run to the eye place In town – about 4 miles in total and with the rain I arrived on time, but soaked in sweat and rain.

I got a load of drops for my eyes as I have a bit of dryness in my eye – More shite to carry with me! After that I had a wander into town along the river behind the Carlsberg brewery, where I saw all the massive metal barrels things holding all the beer. I had a good wander around and even broke an Ipad in comet - it wasn't too hard to break - Fookin apple shite!!!!

I ended up walking about 7 miles in total – All in all a good day out.

Carlsberg beer beer beer beer beer!!!

On Friday I got a lift into town and to the train station from James and got the train to Skegness – It was a good journey and I got to test my new mp3/video player on the way as well as being disturbed by a carriage load of brummies on their way to Nottingham for a hen night - classy ladies!!! Not!

I arrived in Skeg, had a bit of scoff with mum and dad and then had a wander round town, where I took a few photos of the old place , some of it is OK and other bits not so good – But Skeggy isn't all bad - As you can see from the photo below I was amazed to see that Skeg now has a Greggs!!

Skegness Greggs!!

On Saturday I had yet another run and vegged out for the afternoon with mum and dad before going back into town for the Man Utd match V West Ham.

Night time in Skegness

Skeggy pier looking towards Botton Bros

Skegness' massive waterpark!!!

After the match I went back home and had an early night.

Gareth and Tracey arrived around 10am on Sunday to pick me up and take me back to Northampton, so after a final goodbye with mum and dad we got on the road and reached Northampton just in time for the Belgian Grand Prix on telly.

A quiet night followed with a couple of glasses of wine!! Only 1 week to go till we leave London............

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