Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another quick update -
Its now Wednesday evening - Theres not been much happening this week except for doing a run every day and as you can see from the picture above, I laid out all my kit and managed to pack it all into my bag.
I know I have too much stuff, but I think ill get rid of some as I travel, so it'll get lighter as I go. Tomorrow I have my final eye test and hopefully Ill get my mil discount .
Then on Friday its off to Skeg for the final time and a night out with Jim again!

The rest of this entry was done last Sunday -

Its Sunday night and after a good week I thought its time to do a quick update -

Monday 16th August

I left Dan’s and went back to Northampton. Had a 4 mile run followed by quiet afternoon and evening watching Man United beat Newcastle 3.0.

Tuesday 17th August

Another run this morning and then did my washing from last week. When drying in the drier in the conservatory, noticed about 100 wasp like things flying around. Me and James got some bug spray and swatted/sprayed them all dead!! Good fun.

Two for one pizzas for dinner from Domino’s. £15 and there was still enough left over for James to eat when he got in from work!

Wednesday 18th August

Yet another run – 4 and a half miler. Into town for a little shopping, bought some new thin jeans and t shirt to take travelling. As I was in town I decided to pop around to Millies Cookies and give Tracey a lift home from work.

Thursday 19th August

Tracey had a day off so after another run, we went shopping for new work shoes for Trace and also found a decent first aid kit for me to take away. Went to tesco to get fish fingers for tea and ended up spending £30 on various stuff to take away plus got some old style cloudy lemonade from Lidl.

Thursday night I decided to put my car onto auto-trader. The plan was always to sell the car before I leave to go travelling and if I want it to be in next weeks auto-trader, I need to put it in before the Sundays magazine deadline.

Friday 20th August

It was the 5th day in a row I went running and I can feel myself getting fitter.

After a bath to soak my legs I got a phone call from Dad in Skegness – Someone had already rang about the car ad on the auto-trader website and wanted to come see the car. It turned out that the guy was only in Bedford, quite close to Northampton. I rang hi back and arranged for him to come and see the car on Sat morning.

Later in the day dad rang twice more as more people rang about the car. One guy even wanted to come and see the car at midnight that night – Not a good idea as me and Gareth were in the

pub having a quiet drink!

Saturday 21 August

I was woke by a text from the guy in Bedford at 8am – can he come and see the car now?

I said yes and he arrived by 9am. Gareth nearly pissed himself when the guy said he wanted to fit a 6 speed gearbox to make the car go faster!! But he took a test drive and eventually found a NatWest bank in town, where he withdrew £1200 and paid cash for the car!! Me and Gareth then followed him back to Bedford to drop off the car at his house. He seemed nice hard-working

fella, so I was happy that he would enjoy the car, as he got a bargain!!

Unfortunately because of this I didn't get to go for a run today!

The Balloon was trying to inflate but was getting blown over by the wind

It was even tied to three cars to try and keep it under control

Me Gareth and Trace decided to go out for the afternoon to the Northampton balloon festival. It was a bit of a disappointment though as because of the wind the balloon they were trying to inflate had to be deflated and no more would be tried. We had a good wander around for an hour and saw a few old American cars and a really nice old vw camper, but after a while we decided to go home via a bit of shopping at Tesco.

Eventually they gave up on the balloon

That night it was a couple of glasses of wine, the new series of X factor and a quiet night in, listening and watching a big old thunderstorm -We felt a bit sorry for the people who were still down at the balloon festival – There wont be any balloons flying tonight!!

Sunday 22Aug -

Gareth was up at 4am, as he is off to Germany for a course for work. I was woken up just before 6am by one of the neighbours arguing with some blonde woman in the street. He didn't want to let her in his house, so after a while she got into a taxi and went home.

I got out of bed around 10.30 and went for another run - I picked up the NOTW and then spent the afternoon watching telly, reading the paper and then watched United draw with Fulham. It was a disappointing draw the end.

That's it, the end of another week!!!

Plans for this week - more running, I have my final eye test after my eye op this Thursday and then off to Skegness on Friday on the train!

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