Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another post

A couple of pics I took whilst up in Manchester last month.
I haven't posted anything recently as I have been busy doing loads of stuff!
Here is a short overview:-England v Germany - Not even going to mention it! However the day itself was good as we watched a very slow duck race, won some coconuts and bought 2 pies.I finally got my right eye lasered on June 29th. Its now three weeks later and apart from a bit of pain here and there it was definitely worth it! I will get my other eye done after returning from my travels -or maybe even while I'm away.
Ive spent most of my time in Northampton. But have managed a trip on the train to London, where I got pissed off with the beard and shaved it off.
Had a good weekend down there, lovely weather. We met the bloke from Kid Creole and the coconuts (Kid?) on the train.
I also got up to see off Ozbus 19 and had a good chat with some of the bussers, bussees or whatever the word is! I also visited the Iranian embassy to check on opening times etc.

Since then I have had my passport returned with visas for India, Nepal and Pakistan, done a bit of shopping and generally vegged out. I went back to Skeg to see my mum and dad, took them to Northampton and to hospital in Leicester with Gareth for an appointment.
Then it was back to Skegness and a couple of quiet drinks in town with my old mate Jim Robinson.
My mortgage company also contacted me to say i couldn't rent out my already rented house, but after a bit of a chat they relented and its now all OK - phew, saves me a lot of dosh and hassle!

Its now July15th and I'm off back to Manc this weekend for a couple of nites, then to skegness after a stopover in Worksop.

More to follow soon!

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