Saturday, June 26, 2010

3 weeks later

Its now three weeks since my last post.
I'm now the owner of half a beard - that's not half my face, but a half length beard on all the bits of my face that would naturally grow a beard!
Here's the last three weeks in a few quick pointers.

June 9th - Got rid of Brunssum flat - Drove to Skegness, dropped off kit.
June 10th - Skegness to Northampton - Eye test prior to eye lasering later this month.
June 12th - Watched a bit of my brother Gareth playing cricket and then drive to Manchester to watch England's first world cup game at brother Chris' house with middle brother Chris and my nephews and Niece.

June 14 ish - Drive back to Skegness.

June 17th - Skeg to Northampton - Grew a bit of beard.
June 18th I think - Watched England's 2nd game in Redditch - good nite shit result. Grew a bit of beard.
June 19th I spent day watching Gareth play cricket. Grew a bit of beard.
June 20th spent day watching Northant's play cricket. Grew a bit of beard.
June 21st Did a 10 mile ride on bike. Nice sunshine - Grew a bit of beard.
June 22nd to 25th - Shopping and grew a bit of beard most days.
June 26th - Spent the day watching cricket again, didn't try too hard on the beard today, but yet it still grew a little.
June 27th - England v Germany.

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