Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st- Still in Maastricht

Today is the 1st of June and its now only one week till I leave!
I decided to start this blog thing early, so that you have something to read when I actually start my trip on Ozbus in September - Plus it gives me a bit of practice before I start travelling proper!!
I'm Spending most of my time at home tidying the flat at the moment and getting ready to hand it back next week before I go home to the UK.Also got my leaving do tomorrow, which is an afternoons go carting followed by a few beers and with everyone in the Anchor Inn.I'm looking forward to it and hopefully it will be a good day.Anyway I had nowt to do at work as normal so I took a wander around and took some photos of Maastricht today, which I have added on here.

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