Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 July 2010. The last ten days

I know no one is reading this yet cos I'm not going to pass on the link until its nearly time to leave UK on Sep 5th. However, its good practice for me to add stuff to this blog, so that when I start travelling, I know what I'm doing - plus, it gives whoever you are, something to read before I start doing larger posts when the journey begins.So whats been happening in the last ten days? I went to the pictures withe Trace to watch Predators, which was ok. Then I went up to Manchester again, so see my brother Chris and nephey Mikie. We had a couple of nights out, with a good laugh and a few beers.
Then to the pictures again, this time to see Inception, which was OK.....!Then I needed a night on my tod, so I went to a Travelodge for the night and went down the pub for a beer and my dinner before I had an early night and a really good nights kip. I stopped over in Lincoln for the afternoon, to mellow out on my way to Skegness as well as stopping for an hour at Cadwell park and watched a few mental drivers on a track day racing around the track.Off to Skegness again for a couple of days after that. Me and my mum and dad went out and ordered a new three piece suite, before having a good drive down the country lanes and coming back to Skegness through Mablethorpe and Sutton on sea.
I left skeg on Saturday morning and drove back down to Northampton. Me and Gareth then went out for the afternoon. We went to Hanslope where the local church had an open day. We paid our £2 and climbed the steeple/tower, on the inside and had a look at the church bells. We even had the bell ringers ring them for us and had a look around the bell tower. It sounds a bit weird, but it was really interesting and a good afternoon. Cheers Roy Keeves!Then for the rest of the afternoon, we went to watch Gareth's cricket team lose again! We had some nice sarnies and a couple of hours watching them fall apart......maybe Gareth wont be dropped again!!After a couple of quiet ones down the Lumbertub's, we got up the next day and watched the German Grand Prix, which apart from the controversy with Ferrari was a pretty boring race....
There's a few photos here that I haven't posted yet. Some from Tower bridge in London and of the Thames at 7am on a Sunday morning as I watched Ozbus 9 leave. There's also some of the church and bells from this weekend. Maybe a video as well if it loads.....
Now I have a week in Northampton, mellowing out, washing my car and doing nowt. Just waiting for more info on my Iranian visa..... video

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