Sunday, March 12, 2017

The San Francisco adventure Part 2

So the morning after our surprise night out and open mic extravaganza, we woke up - suprisingly sober. No real after effects from out afternoon and evening of over indulgence and also we discovered that it was the cheapest evening out we had had by far! An awesome night.

Anyway the next day we decided to actually return to the exploratorium when it was open, and spend the afternoon there. We headed out and had a wander around mason point first, which is where I stayed in a hostel 5 years ago and also has nice views over the bay.

After that we needed some food and decided on the famous sourdough bread bowls filled with soup that you can get here in SF. I chose one with tomato soup and it was delicious - the biggest bowl of soup I think I have ever had and the bonus is you get to eat the bowl too! It definitely gave Buffy food envy as she ate her sandwich! Then it was off to the exploratorium....

At Mason Point

Now this is really a place to introduce kids to science, but it is also a great place for big kids like us to have some fun. We spent hours messing about with electrical experiments, teasing fish, spinning in chairs, drinking from the toilet (true) and experimenting with mirrors, lasers, IR cameras, slow motion cameras and all sorts of other things. Rather than list everything Ill post a few photos for you to look through and maybe a couple of videos too....

How big my head feels to me

New hair do!

Us in the electronic form

What the ugly kids we make will look like!

Me and a duck

Buffy on a chair

Buffy and a hat

Buffy being a tramp and drinking from the toilet
Buffy in a mirror

Both of us in lots of mirrors
We also teased some fish and made Buffy look silly..... haha

After messing about all afternoon we went home in a Lyft (another version of Uber) for a snooze before we went out for what we hoped would be a great evening - an old Saloon with live music followed by a trivia night at a local pub. It started great - the Saloon is the oldest pub in San Francisco and  looks it. An old wooden bar with dates back to the 1800's and a stage in the corner with music being played by anyone who wants to get up and play. We loved it there and were disappointed to have to leave, but as we knew trivia nights are always fun we decided it was worth it. How wrong could we be? Very wrong. 

The trivia night was terrible. Not only were the questions weird - one round with random questions from anywhere and anytime followed by a round about the supreme court of america! But the quizmaster (or pissmaster as I call her) was shit. As a quizmaster she was embarrassing herself by drinking too much, saying cxxt every 3rd word and claiming to be the best quizmaster you had ever met. In reality, I genuinely think she has some issues as she verbally abused the barstaff and customers and changed her mind during and after rounds to make things more difficult for us and her than it should ever have been. The topical team names she asked for ended up being based on her (Her name was Holly) so names like Holly sucks cock and Hollys hole wouldn't have been out of place but are gentler versions of real names I won't embarrass myself by writing here. As a quiz-night it was terrible, but as an evening out its is one we wont forget in a hurry! 

Wednesday appeared just as Tuesday ended and about 8 hours into the day we got up and went to collect our rental car for the day. We wanted to get out of the city and see some of the other sights. So headed across the Golden Gate bridge towards Sausalito and Muir woods to see some houseboats and some huge trees.....

The first few stops were all about the bridge though as we drove up Hawk Hill on the north side of the bay to get some spectacular views. We stopped at a few places and there are too many photos to post here, but follow the link to google photos if you want to see more...

 We stopped at Sausiloto to see the houseboat community and their hippy style of living before continuing out to Muir woods and the home of the giant redwood tree. We loved it here, wandering through the woods for a couple of hours and enjoying a talk about the place by a lovely Japanese park ranger. A wonderful afternoon.

Finally, after a lovely day out we returned to the city, stopping for a while to watch the sunset fall over the bridge. A great day out. 

The last thing we did in the car was drive the weird and wonderful lombard street...

On Thursday we had a free day - we had seen and done all the things we wanted to see and do - so found a place called Lands End, where there are cliffs and a park, so we grabbed a bus and went there for a relaxing afternoon. Just as we arrived we were enveloped in fog which rolled in from the sea. We thought it might spoil the day, covering up the lovely warming sun, but in reality it created a mysterious atmosphere and made it all the more fun. We found a stone labyrinth on top of a cliff edge and spent a while there wandering around and wondering what was happening in the mist. We knew the bridge was close by, but when the mist finally cleared we were amazed to see that it was in fact, just a few hundred yards away, where we had earlier joked it was. The fog here really is quite thick!!
I was tired and fell asleep on the edge of a cliff while Buffy leant against me and read a book - it was a lovely relaxing end to a lovely week away. All that was left was to have a couple of beers on our last night after a nice meal and then head to bed to get up for our Uber to the airport at 4am. 

Labyrinth and crazy woman

Fog and knobhead

Guess whats over there...

The bridge!

Told you!
An hour later it was sunny again!
We are now back home and nearly sorted out for work again tomorrow. Its arse being back at work and I want to retire again and go travelling for another few years. You never know, it might happen! 

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