Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Disgusting and work...

Bless my old dad. He had some funny habits and weird sayings - One of his favourites was his overuse of the word disgusting. As you know the actual meaning is to cause revulsion or strong indignation. To my dad it meant anything he didn't agree with or just didn't like -
Long hair on teenage boys - DISGUSTING!!
Driving in the centre lane of the motorway - DISGUSTING!
Commentators on football matches - DISGUSTING!
All politicians - DISGUSTING!
Tuesdays - DISGUSTING!
Fat people - DISGUSTING!
The news (Good or bad) DISGUSTING!

Pretty much everything on this beautiful little planet was disgusting in one way or another, I agree with a lot of his claims, but some others just made us all laugh. However, Dad, if you are reading this in Facebook heaven, prepare to be disgusted once again, but this time its something that is actually disgusting. I mean in the version of the the word that mean off putting, revolting or just nasty.

So what do I mean? Its the little shoulder season between the end of winter and the actual warmth of Spring. It doesn't have a name, but if it did, then the seasons would read - Winter - Disgusting -Spring - Summer - Autumn/Fall  and start over again. We are currently in Disgusting....

So why, I hear you ask, do I want it named so?
Listen and I will tell you....

The snow falls here over a period of about 4 - 5 months, it falls, hardens and turns into ice, the roads are cleared and the snow piles up on the sidewalks. The roads and the sidewalks are then sanded and that sand eventually gets cleared in the next snowfall along with dirt, rubbish and all other dirty stuff.

Then in 'disgusting' - the weather warms up, the ice and remaining snow melts during the days it is above freezing and then freezes again at night. This creates uneven horrible icy sidewalks and roads that are more dangerous than shoving your tackle in the oven whilst cooking meatballs. The backlanes become haunted rails of ice with unknown forces pulling your car sideways without notice as you get stuck in the foot deep ruts of ice that build up. The wonderful dry, clean white snow is replaced with huge piles of brown, dirty shit stained ice that look otherworldly as the moisture is slowly melted away by the sunlight and warmth and what remains has hollow brown icicles hanging down. Your house and floors are ruined by the shit that sticks to your shoes and you many people wander down the road instead of sidewalks because its easier dodging cars than it is dodging foot deep puddles of brown murky freezing water - until a car drives through a foot deep puddle of brown murky freezing water and soaks you. It is disgusting - If you don't believe me here a few photos taken within 20 metres of our front door...

nearly clear path

Pile of shit used to be pile of snow

Just dirty and disgusting

effing disgusting

    So, there you go - In a few weeks it will all have melted and the city will clear the pathways. The grass will turn from grey to green and it will all be pretty again... I cant wait!!

Work has been good for me for the last few weeks. After completing my initial training I an now being let out on my own to install telephone systems - and I am loving it. I am busy, tired  and still learning everyday, but getting this job was fantastic and I actually look forward to work most days.

So what do I do? I am an Installer of business telephone systems - taking an initial agreement and meeting with customers to ascertain what they want their telephone system to do before spending a few hours programming the system and installing any cabling or equipment they need. I then install the new system and phones before arranging training and fine tuning what happens when someone calls. The whole process takes between 3 and 5 days usually spread over a 1-2 week period and with 2 or 3 jobs overlapping, its definitely busy but fun, Here's a taster of what I do....

Some of the shit cabling we have to deal with 

Bloody hell!

My nice neat cabling..

Before I did my stuff...

and after with UPS and Mitel 5000 mounted and working

I also cut holes in walls and run the odd bit of cat 5!

My latest job - fun fun fun!
So, at least you now know I ain't sitting on mt arse ALL day anymore. I think maybe its time to retire again soon though,.. haahaa.


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