Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We are Splitting up....

Yes, you read it correctly - Me and Buffy are splitting up. She has decided that she can no longer have me around and is leaving me. 

But wait - what? You cant be serious I hear you ask!?! 

You would be correct to ask me that question as anyone that knows me will also know that I am a bit of a knob and there is probably another part to this story. You are right. Buffy IS leaving me, but only at work. We have worked at Wilderness Supply since I arrived in Canada with her last May and now Buffy has decided that she wants a new challenge and is leaving the company at the end of this week. We are still getting married and living together - we will just be working at different companies and I will no longer be able to leave a chocolate digestive on her shoulder when lunchtime comes along. Bugar.

So you want more details? Ok.

There is a lot of good stuff in our little store - and a huge showroom at the back!!

Well Buffy has been working with Rick (Yes, another Rick, not me. Rick owns Wilderness Supply) at Wilderness Supply for almost exactly 6 years. During that time the company has grown and expanded from two stores - One in Winnipeg and one in Thunder Bay to open a third store on the other side of Winnipeg. It is in fact the largest Canoe and Kayak supplier in Central Canada. So although it began life as a small local company it has grown into a serious retailer albeit with the local knowledge that is essential to people. We both love working there, meeting the customers, messing about with the gang - Rick, Garrett, Heather, Blair and Dan as well as Doug at the second store and Mila and all the guys in Thunder bay. Its a great place to work and Buffy has made the most of her time there - appearing the the local newspapers, radio, making you tube videos, updating the social media, running many various shows and events and even making multiple appearances on local television. Its fair to say that she will miss it and I know she will be missed. (At least I'm lucky enough to see her out of work still!   

So here are a few looks at what Buffy has done in her time at Wilderness Supply......

An early still from a promotional video....

On Breakfast TV - Oh, no the curb lane of Watt St is closed!!

Which dry bag to use!?!

Stuff with Buff

A video put together by Buffy starring Rick and his son Sam... good times!!

Haahaa my most favourite 'Stuff with Buff' - she hasn't changed a bit!!

So it is the end of an era - Buffy will be missed terribly at Wilderness Supply, but will remain friends with everyone there and as I'm staying we will no doubt meet up with everyone for beers and crap movies whenever the opportunity arises. But what now? Where is the Buffter going??

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
Well, its quite a special place where she will be working Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first new national museum created in Canada since 1967, and it is the first new national museum ever to be located outside the National Capital Region of Canada. 

It was quite an undertaking to build the museum and indeed it is a spectacular sight -Located on the edge of downtown alongside the historic 'Forks' site  - the most visited part of the city - a meeting pace for locals and visitors. Buffy will be working in this spectacular building....

The Canadian Museum for human rights
 Buffy's new job will be as Communications specialist, working as part of a team whose job is fund raising for the museum. The building was only completed in 2012 and the museum itself was officially opened in 2014. It has become a symbol of the city and something that we locals are rightly proud of - Not only for its beliefs but also for its stunning architecture. The building apparently takes inspiration from the Canadian trees, ice and northern lights and is described as such by its designer:-

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is rooted in humanity, making visible in the architecture the fundamental commonality of humankind-a symbolic apparition of ice, clouds and stone set in a field of sweet grass. Carved into the earth and dissolving into the sky on the Winnipeg horizon, the abstract ephemeral wings of a white dove embrace a mythic stone mountain of 450 million year old Tyndall limestone in the creation of a unifying and timeless landmark for all nations and cultures of the world

I know Buffy is excited to be working in such a wonderful building near the heart of the city, but I also know she will miss everyone at Wilderness Supply. I'm just glad she isn't really leaving me!!

Bye Buff!!!

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