Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My brain.....glasses?? My arse!!

So first I need to explain about 'My Arse' to those who dont know 'The Royle Family...
 Jim Royle was the father character in The Royle Family - about a northern family who sit round watching tv and discussing normal everyday things - One of the best comedies ever. Jim's catch phrase was 'My arse' which he said in relation to anything and everything he either disagreed with or didnt like. A video of every single 'My arse' can be seen here...

So.... on to my eye surgery.....

I had my right eye lasered in 2010 and have enjoyed great vision in it since. My left eye wasn't done then because the surgeon couldn't guarantee any improvement. So now, 6 years later my right eye is better than my left and I thought it was about time to see if the left could be fixed. My vision isn't bad - I don't need to wear glasses to read or watch TV, but there is always room for improvement.

So I had surgery booked for today for just my left eye. 

When I got there today they wanted to check that just doing my left eye wouldn't cause any problems - so they made me wear these glasses for half an hour..

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This didn't remind me of 'A Clockwork Orange' at all....honest it didnt...

Anyway, whilst wearing these glasses, to simulate what my sight would be like after surgery I noticed a weird phenomena....
When looking at my phone which I know to be shaped like this..

What I saw was shaped like this.....
So it was skewed and distorted. It was actually worse than this picture as the top and bottom edges were opposite to each other and not parallel. It was horrible and made me feel a little queasy.

I chatted with the specialist and  he explained that this happened sometimes when only doing surgery on one eye. There are a number of ways forward:-

1. Wear glasses for a few months and go back to see how my eyes and brain have adapted to the change. If its good I can get the surgery on one or both eyes.
2. Get the surgery done now and have the possibility of seeing the world like I do after a particularly drunken Saturday night.
3. Wait a year or two and see how my vision changes - It it gets worse then I can think again about having the surgery.

So at the moment I'm leaning towards waiting for a year or two and see how things go. I absolutely hate wearing glasses - They are uncomfortable, easy to break and a pain in the arse to look after. (Hence the quote above- Glasses??? My arse!!) My vision is perfectly acceptable at the moment and I was only going for surgery to gain a little improvement.

Thanks for all the messages people sent me wishing me good luck today.
Its all good. It saves me money and a few days of pain!!

On a brighter note I used my wonderful vision to take some photos in the city as I walked back home...


Emptyful and reflections

More mirroring!!

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