Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cars, kids, fire and THE FUTURE!!!

So, Winnipeg - supposedly one of the coldest cities on earth is going through some kind of re-invention. Its November and its sunny! Not beach weather, but definitely nicer than the normal November days we get back at home in the UK. Yesterday we were at work in T-shirts, unloading boats in lovely sunshine.... Something is going on and as a result I have bought a snow shovel...just in case.

This blog update has a few different subjects but the last one is the best... the future is here.... Read on and discover for yourselves.....

In other news I am still losing dead toe nails that were damaged back when we did the hike a few months ago and we are finally completing the renovation of the kayak store at work.... here re a few photos of the progress..


Doing the walls

Dodgy insulation


The old door

The new door!

Playing with Children  

So around the world at this time of year parents dress up their kids in make up and go around taking them to meet strangers... (Isn't it weird when its written like that?!) Yep, I talking about the festival/holiday/money making exercise that is called Halloween. I wont go into the ins and outs  of it as you probably know all about the reason why its celebrated. *(You liars) and simply state that at least over here its done properly. Pumpkins are ritually beheaded and the heads placed on doorsteps as warning to all other pumpkins. Houses are decorated more for this one day than they are for Xmas and children are allowed to eat as much candy and crap food as the little dears can stuff into their huge pieholes without use for a vom-bucket. Its all good natured and I actually enjoyed looking at the kids faces at they visited our house and walked away with minuscule takings in their huge lumbering bags of melded together sugar and fat. The best part of it all though is the way some people really get into it and decorate their whole gardens with graves, ghosts, witches and huge spider webs. Here's a few from around our slightly weird neighbourhood...

Buffys Cyberman pumpkin!

Huge spider web and spooky save door to door mail sign!


This house is actually like this all year.....

Bury me here!

This is a great idea!

Woooooooooooo apparently!

Look for the ghost face in the window....


theres more..

One use for a roof box...we actually sell them at work!

The scariest thing at our house (apart from the basement cupboard, is the face I found in our table....

Th scream in the table...
The Car
The car did have a scary time the day after Halloween. I had been to get funky winter wheels fitted a few days before and then some pillock decided to stay absolutely still whilst I drove the car into the back of his truck! I mean, who sits in their cars at traffic lights and doesn't move!? Grrrr. Honestly it wasn't my fault - I did nothing wrong guv'nor. There was a fox crossing the road and I swerved to avoid it (A popular excuse I believe?? haahaa) I was under the influence of stupidness and basically forgot how to drive for 30 seconds and you can see the results below....

Cool new cheap black wheels...


Double bugar

At least there were no injuries and the guy I hit was a lovely bloke who had not a scratch on his huge truck - except a little scratch on the tow hitch I drove into! Our car is still driveable and get fixed next week! Yay! Digby is fine by the way.

Crap bonfire night
A final story for the week is about Bonfire night. The tradition of burning things which I love. Last year in England was super dangerous, but this year with an unavailability of fireworks (Canadians don't celebrate it!!) I improvised with a cardboard Houses of parliament, some twisty balloons and a 4 indoor sparkly cake fountains. I also made a fuse from rope and petrol which worked brilliantly in practice but spluttered on the night.

Joel was our honoured 'Guy Fawkes' and loved being handed the flaming torch (also doused in Petrol) but this ended up being the highlight of the night as the fuse and bangs from the balloons popping in the fire were ok, but not as spectacular as last year. We will try harder in 12 months and have already started to stockpile ingredients that would look good in 1970's Northern Ireland!

Ready to burn - Balloons inside

 Part one 

Part two


Finally the most exciting news.... We bought a cheap Virtual Reality Headset - and its bloody brilliant. Here is a quick video of Buffy discovering the future!

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