Saturday, October 17, 2015

CIC or COC? Photos of stuff and waiting for the winter....

So, here is a real life example of how not to deal with a new resident in your country.....

When I got my permanent residence from the Canadian immigration centre (The CIC) they sent the immigration documents to English Place - Buffys parents address in Winnipeg. Buffys mum and dad then sent the documents to me and Buffy, in England so that on arrival in Toronto I could complete the process and become a Canadian Resident! Yay, trumpet fanfares, ticker tape, open the maple syrup and start glugging!!!!

At no time did CIC have our previous Winnipeg address (Wolseley avenue) as anything than a previous living address listed alongside many other previous address's on the myriad of forms that we sent them. CIC have also always had my correct email address and have emailed me on it multiple times asking for random things such as:- imprints of my testicles, video proof of my actual birth and DNA from everyone I met on 15th October 1992. So they definitely knew my email address...Ok, so far?

Now, nearly 6 months after arrival in Canada I am still awaiting my Permanent residence card which gives me proof that I can re-enter Canada if and when we decide to go on vacation or for any other reason. Luckily, you don't need it to get a job, driving licence or health care - all those are easily done with the COPR - the certificate of permanent residence - a single sheet of paper with a stamp on,  which I was given on arrival.
The PR card isnt that important, but it should only take between 40 and 50 days to arrive. It has been nearly 160...

I will need it sometime, so I decided to call the CIC the other day and enquire where the hell it is....

So after passing the security test which included giving my name, date of birth, address and postcode (The address in English Place, Buffys mum and dads house which I explained earlier they have previously sent documents to) I was told that they hadn't sent my card because they didn't have my address -  The very same address that they just confirmed with me to pass the security check and the very same address that they sent my immigration documents to in April!! 

The agent seemed to be getting flustered and asked about the address in Wolseley Avenue - I told him we moved out of there before ever beginning the process over two years ago...but he was getting very confused. He spoke with a hint of sarcasm as told me the email address on record, and asked if it was wrong as they would surely have sent me an an email asking for an up to date address  - The email address wasn't wrong. So they hadn't bothered to email me either.

Now, they have my address (The same address as before as it seemed particularly daft to try and change it now. It just means a 3 mile drive to pick up mail instead of another 6 month wait for the idiots to sort it out. They said that the photo of me which they have on file is out of date and I must update it - they are sending me a form to do so.. I await it eagerly.....

CIC should be COC!!
 In other Manitoban news (In case you didn't know we live in the Canadian province of Manitoba, which is bigger than UK but has a population of only 1.2 million just over half of whom live in Winnipeg!!  Anyway I diverse.....

We have been out and about in town, before the winter hits us which is coming very soon ,to take some nice photos of the area. Today we were told by Heather at work that a house was being knocked down on the corner of our street, so we went along in the lovely sunshine to  take a look... Here's a peek as some of our recent photos...

A vulture apparently!

The old steel railway bridge in town

and the new bridge crossing the river

Skateboarding dude


Waterfront brideg

Buff spraying stuff!
Digger at work

The old house

Under the bridge

I had to go back for my wallet!

Reflections of the water under the bridge

Frost last night

Tree art

 Here are my favourite digger photos.....

 So we are enjoying the autumnal weather at the moment... Even though they call it 'fall'over here, they don't have a word like autumnal meaning 'like fall', so its called autumnal...

We went out last to watch the Jets in the 'Pint' pub with Hayley and had a great night as the Jets won 3-1 in the arena just a few blocks away. Today is Barry's birthday so we are out again tonight and on Monday it is election night so we are having a bit of a pile around at our place with maybe a few snacks and watch the results come in....

Its all good.

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