Thursday, September 10, 2015

The house, a storm and the wrong sized truck.....

This has been the longest break I have ever taken from posting to the blog since it started just over 5 years ago. A lot has happened since then and a lot has happened since the last post just 3 1/2 weeks ago. I'm sure you all know the reason why it hasn't been updated - we have finally moved into our new house here in Winnipeg and the time has been taken up with moving in, unpacking and buying all the little nick nacks and everyday items that you don't realise you need until you discover that you haven't got whatever it is - for example on night one in the house a few people came around to have a nosey and enjoy a drink and we didn't have a bottle opener - luckily we have a crazy little store just 30 seconds away that is opened all hours and sells all the things that you may need!

 The move itself went really well - Uhaul didn't have the right sized truck and therefore had to pay us a $50 fee meaning our move actually cost us only $30 instead of the expected $90 - $100.
Buffy's mum and dad Susan and Jon helped us a lot - unpacking stuff, putting new covers onto the dining chairs and coming along to collect the new sofa for the basement TV room which just fitted down the stairs. We really must thank them for letting us store stuff in their house for the last few weeks and the rest of the family for all the help, whether it be using trucks, storing stuff or the many offers of bits and bobs to help us in our new home! Thanks everyone!

Stuff in storage at Buffs mum and dads.

More stuff!

and more

and in the garage.
Getting it all loaded up

and put in the new place

Building the table

Having a break after emptying the truck

Anyway, we are nearly all settled now. The BBQ has been used a couple of times, the basement is dry again after a bit or water came in after a huge storm a week or so ago and the beautiful dining table has been put together and been used for many meals over the last week or two.

For those of you who havent been around to see the house yet and those of you who live too far away to visit, here are a few photos of how the house was before we bought it and how we have arranged all our clag to fill it and make it homely....

Our front door.

The front room before we moved in...

Now with our stiff

another angle

Dining area - before...

our version

the awesome table

The kitchen as it was

Not much change here

Hanging stuff

The old basement

and the old basement from the other end

Our new look

TV and tops

Han Solo guarding the bathroom     

The spare bedroom

2nd bedroom

Where the magic happens! haahaa
Backyard in summer
Our backyard with borrowed patio chairs and new firepit
So we have managed to get a few people round on the first night for a drink or two and then carry on with setting stuff up. As I mentioned earlier we had a trickle of water into the carpet after a huge storm (actually the third huge storm this summer) but there wasn't much to look at apart for a damp carpet which has been cured with a $20 fan heater. We are all settled in now and having a work party here tonight!

The storm


You can see why we had a bit of damp!

  So that's it for now. If anyone wants our address feel free to send us a message either on facebook or by email and we will pass on the details. 

Hope you can all come around soon to take a closer look and have a drink around the fire!

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